Multigas Detector
It’s what’s inside that counts!
Our Vision of Safety
Built on Durability
– Based on tough Altair 5 Multigas Detector
Powered by Performance
– New High Performance XCell® Sensors
Flexible to Meet Your Needs
– Interchangeable sensor slots,
Multilingual, MSA Logo Express™
XCell Sensor Review
XCell Sensor Platform
• Standardized MSA Sensors with added value
– Same Physical Size and Digital Output
– Longer Life / Fast Response & Clear Times / More Durable
– Higher Performance Over Wide Range of:
Temp, RH, & Pressure
– Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) in each sensor
• A brain in every sensor to control and compensate
New XCell Sensors for SO2, Cl2, NH3
• Patent-Pending Electrolyte System
• Extended Sensor Life
– > 4 years on SO2, >3 years on NH3, Cl2
– 60% longer sensor life than the industry average
– Standard 3 year warranty on SO2, 2-year warranty on NH3, Cl2
• XCell-erated response time, clear time, bump test
– >200% faster response time than industry average
– T90 response times of 10 seconds SO2, 40 seconds NH3, 30
seconds Cl2
• Typical cost-of-ownership savings > 50%
– Longer sensor life and fast response
– 40% less calibration gas used per minute than industry average
XCell Ex Sensor Review
• XCell Ex - Catalytic Combustible Sensor
– 4-Year Life, Fast Response, Very Durable
– Only industry sensor with two detector beads (Patent Pending)
• Only one bead active at a time – doubles working life of sensor
– Patent-Pending metal alloy support wire for increased
– More poison resistance to silicones and sulfur compounds
– Fast T(90) response time, Typical < 10 sec CH4
XCell O2 Sensor Review
• XCell O2 - Oxygen Sensor
– >4-Year Life, Fast Response, Very Durable
– Long life from patent-pending “Lead Free” sensor design
• Nothing is consumed in the chemical reaction
• Most other sensors die at 2-years when enough lead is converted
• XCell sensor works so well because of the ASIC control
– Fast T(90) response time, Typical < 10 sec O2
XCell CO/H2S Sensor Review
• XCell CO/H2S - CO & H2S Two-Tox Sensor
– >4-Year Life, Fast Response, Very Durable
– Patent-Pending design eliminates cross-channel interference
• Common problem with other two-tox sensors
– Very high sensitivity in a small package
– Robust carbon filter on CO channel to block VOCs
– Fast T(90) response time, Typical < 15 sec CO or H2S
XCell vs. Existing SO2 Sensors
• Most SO2 Sensors on the Market Today:
– Published 1-2 year life, with corresponding warranty
– Tend to dry out in low RH
– Are slower and require long calibrations of 2-4 minutes
• MSA’S XCell SO2 Sensor:
– 4-year life, standard 3-year warranty (0-20ppm Range)
– New patent-pending electrolyte system
• Non-consuming chemical reaction, doesn’t dry out
– Very Fast Typical T(90) < 10 sec
– Calibration time of 60 seconds
– Industry first “Big 5” calibration w/ one cylinder
XCell vs. Existing NH3 Sensors
• Most NH3 Sensors on the Market Today:
Published 1-2 years life, with corresponding warranty
Consuming chemical reaction, lose life with NH3 exposure
Lots of issues with humidity transients / False Alarms
Are slower and require long calibrations of 3-4 minutes
• MSA’S XCell NH3 Sensor:
– 3-year life and standard 2-year warranty (0-100ppm Range)
– New patent-pending electrolyte system (Non-consuming)
• Self recovers from NH3 exposures, does not lose life
• Not suitable for continuous NH3 exposure
– No issues with humidity transients
– Fast T(90) < 40 sec, Calibration time = 2 min
XCell vs. Existing Cl2 Sensors
• Most Cl2 Sensors on the Market Today:
Published 1-2 years life, with corresponding warranty
Consuming chemical reaction, lose life with Cl2 exposure
Tend to dry out in low RH
Are slower and require long calibrations of 3-4 minutes
• MSA’S XCell NH3 Sensor:
– 3-year life and standard 2-year warranty (0-10ppm Range)
– New patent-pending electrolyte system (Non-consuming)
• Very high initial sensitivity, more than twice current Cl2 sensor
• Doesn’t dry out
– Fast T(90) < 30 sec, Calibration time = 90 sec
Response Times
Significantly Faster Than the Competition!
• EX sensor
t90 < 10 seconds (CH4)
• O2 sensor
t90 < 10 seconds
• CO sensor
t90 < 15 seconds
• H2S sensor
t90 < 15 seconds
• SO2 sensor
t90 <10 seconds
• NH3 sensor
t90 < 40 seconds
• Cl2 sensor
t90 < 30 seconds
XCell Sensor
• Designed and built by MSA
–MSA IS Advancing Sensor Technology!
–Our sensors are designed for OUR instruments!
–We have the experts to support YOU!
MSA IR Sensor vs. Existing IR sensors
• Most IR Sensors on the Market Today:
– Absorb IR Light by the C-H bonds (“hydro carbons”) of molecules
– Mirror doubles path length; can condense with temperature changes
– Condensation absorbs some of the light; can cause false readings
• MSA IR Sensor:
– Does not use a mirror!
– Lamp and detector are placed in-line
– Minimal false readings
Altair 5X Multigas Detector
Only Instrument in its class with
internally integrated pump!
Multi-gas monitor
– Detects up to 6 gases: combustible, O2, H2S,
CO, SO2, CO2 & additional toxic gases
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Alkaline pack available as an accessory
Color or monochrome display option
Sensor Options
XCell EX (combustible)
XCell Oxygen
XCell Carbon Monoxide
XCell Hydrogen Sulfide
XCell Sulfur Dioxide
XCell Chlorine
Nitrogen dioxide
Chlorine dioxide
Hydrogen cyanide
MSA IR Carbon dioxide
MSA IR Butane
MSA IR Methane
MSA IR Propane
0-100% LEL
0-2000 ppm
0-200 ppm
0-20 ppm
0-20 ppm
0-100 ppm
0-20 ppm
0-1 ppm
0-5 ppm
0-30 ppm
0-10% Vol
0-25% Vol
0-100% Vol
0-100% Vol
Small Size
• Alarms visible from
most angles
• Fits in gloved hand
• One-handed operation
• Robust construction
Rugged Design
• Over-molded case design
• Built-in rubberized armor
• Impact shock protection
– Withstands 10-foot drop
• Easy to grasp and hold
• Sealed against water/dust ingress
to IP65
– Third-party tested
Multiple Alarms
• 95+ dB horn typical
• Multiple, alternating high-intensity alarm LEDs
• Vibrating alarm is standard on all models
• InstantAlert™ feature standard
– Activates all alarms when desired
• MotionAlert™ feature standard
– If no motion is detected for 20 seconds,
alarm sounds to alert others
– Ideal for confined space entry
Provides Confidence
Confidence signal
– Green blinking Safe LED
– Vibrating pulse
– Confidence beep every
30 sec. to ensure operation
Can be turned off
– MSA Link and setup mode
End of Sensor Life Warning
• Industry-first on-board end-of-sensor life
– Provides 4-6 week notice when the sensor
will fail
• Warning is shown in the instrument by a
flashing sensor life indicator
– On the color display, each displayed gas
has its own sensor indicator
• The warning icon is displayed until the
sensor is replaced and/or successfully
Advanced Features
• MSA exclusive MotionAlert™ feature
– Indicates “man down”
• MSA exclusive InstantAlert™ feature
– Activates all alarms when desired
• MSA Logo Express™ available
– Customize your fleet with any logo
• Most rugged instrument in its class
– Withstands 10-foot drop
• Agency certified IP65 rating
– Water- and dust-tight
• Bump checkmark √ (24 hrs)
– Displays successful test result
Advanced Features
• Safe LED
– Helps to ensures instrument’s proper operation
• Missing sensor alarm
– Helps to prevent errors after service
• Password-protected setup mode
– Controls unauthorized access
• Event & data log
– >1000 events and >200 hours
• Multilingual
– 18 languages pre-programmed
• MSA Link™ Software-ready
– Multi-language application: access records; change settings
• Lithium-ion technology
• Virtually no memory effects
• Holds charge better
• Runs average of 20 hours
– No need for multiple instruments during long shifts
– Extra rechargeable packs available as accessories
• Optional Alkaline pack available as an accessory
Many Markets
• Oil and gas
• Chemical
• Fire
• Utilities
• Agriculture
• Construction
• Steel
• Water
• Various industrial applications
• Single-button auto cal-based
– Access can be password-protected
• Same Altair 5 Detector
calibration cylinders
1.45% CH4
60 ppm CO
15% O2
20 ppm H2S
• 10048280 (34L)
• 10045035 (58L)
Industry first Big 5 Bump & Calibration
• Industry first LEL, O2, H2S, CO, SO2 bump and
calibration using a single cylinder
– Bump test time 10 seconds
– Calibration time 60 seconds
• Why are we first?
– XCell SO2 sensor T90 response time is
6 times faster than industry average
– Slower SO2 calibration times cause long exposures of
H2S which will kill/poison the LEL sensor
• MSA will stock two 5-gas cylinders
– 10117738 (58L), 10098855 (34L)
• Galaxy® Automated Test System
– Bump test and calibration
– Record keeping
• MSA Sampling lines and probes
– Extended sampling lengths
– Sampling lines for exotic gases
• Charging cradle
• Multi-Unit Charger
– Up to 10 instruments
Low Maintenance
Low level of end-user maintenance required:
• Separate sensors
• Sensor replacement kit
• Filter, gasket, etc. kit
• Front case with built-in filter
• Battery and electronics
• Most components available as replacement parts
Standard 3-year warranty
– LEL, O2, CO, H2S, SO2, IR Sensors
– Electronics
– Battery
2-year warranty
– NH3 and Cl2 Sensors
Other sensors warranted for at least 12 months

Altair 5X Multigas Detector