Fernando Botero
Fernando Botero
• Pintor, dibujante y escultor colombiano.
• Nació en Colombia en el año 1932. Ya
vive en Paris.
• Las personas que pinta tienen figuras
exageradas, o son “gordas”.
• Sus temas son de mujeres, hombres,
eventos históricos, y animales con
detalles de ironía, humor y ingenuidad.
• Estudió el arte en Madrid.
Considered Latin America’s most famous and
most beloved artist, Fernando Botero is a painter,
sculptor, and draftsman who is renowned for his
extravagantly rounded, robust forms that are
recognizable around the world. Botero is both a
masterful storyteller and a critic, whose work is
often laden with biting satirical and political
commentary. His prolific work is exhibited in public
spaces and galleries, and has inspired, challenged
and delighted all who see it. Botero challenges the
dimensions of our hearts and our minds with his
provocative artwork, and celebrates his roots as a
man from Colombia.
Botero was interested in the unexpected.
He shunned the impossible and
welcomed the improbable. Botero
described the creative process in similar
ways to many renowned writers: “The
process of discovering the picture
interests me. Everything changes in the
process, yet everything, at the same time
“I believe that it is important to create
something in which the painting functions
parameters. It is not a matter of creating the
kind of beauty that fits into the classical
canons. The purpose, rather, is to reach a stage
at which it has become possible to surprise and
be surprised. It is a matter of finding
something that, in the midst of exuberance and
distortion, conveys peace and equilibrium.”
-Fernando Botero
Alta Sociedad
Los Músicos
La Pareja
The Couple
Retrato de
Una Familia
La Mano Grande
(Una Escultura)
Jugo de Naranja
El Caballo
En el parque
Las Flores
Chica con Pátina
(Una Escultura)
El Cazador
La Siesta
Mona Lisa
El Matador

Fernando Botero