It will be forbidden to build at 500m
from the coast.
Estará prohibido arrojar basura y aguas
residuales a la calle. Una empresa de residuos
tóxicos se encargará de la recogida de éstos.
 También habrá un punto blanco donde se
reciclarán: residuos sanitarios, aceite,
electrodomésticos… ya que el papel, plástico y
vidrio se reciclará en las casas.
Will be forbidden to throw garbage and
sewage into the street. A toxic waste
company will be responsible for their
collection and recycling.
There will be a white spot where recycled:
medical waste, oil, appliances ... as paper,
plastic and glass will be recycled at home
The ships can not have
access the coast staying at 2km from this, except
port, to be located in the periphery.
The advertising will be prohibited across cartels,
fences or acoustic or audio-visual means, except in
the urban zones.
 Will control the energy expenditure ads
prohibited the hunt for species in extinction,
promoting the sustainable hunt for the species.
Will not use aerosols and sprays to
prevent contamination of the ozone layer.
It is compulsory for all homes with a tube to
drive away to their place of storage.
To recycle all materials
It will allow the sustainable harvesting of trees,
encouraging the planting of vegetables.
Car traffic will be prohibited in all the city.
Street lighting is low energy and solar energy to
prevent light pollution.
Transport with fossil fuels will be encouraged.
We’ll promote bicycle transportation, which will be
distributed throughout the city.
We’ll protect the old
In the schools, we’ll promote environmental
education and an appropriate lifestyle for a
sustainable development.
We´ll keep and take care of natural

urban environment protection