 The development of language proficiency
acquisition is promoted by face to face interaction
and communication.
 Two forms of the interaction hypothesis:
Strong: the position that the interaction itself
contributes to the language development.
Weak: the position the interaction simply the way
learners find opportunities, wheater or not they make
productive use of them.
 Leidy:Chi monyi gogo?
 Oscar David: David
 Leidy: Chui cuguo?
 Oscar David: Mande yo go
 Leidy:mande yii go
 Leidy: Ma maño te go cuguo
 Oscar David: Na be 28 años
 Oscar David:Gusteita el futbol?
 Leidy: Gustatan
 Oscar David: Mande yi go
 Leiyd :leidy
 Oscar David: chui cuguo?
 Leidy: Yastao Silvia
 Oscar David :Yastao Popayan
 Oscar David:ungue
 Leidy: ungua
 The effectiveness of the comprehensible input is
greatly increased when learners have to negotiate for
Modification Checks-Do I need to word something
differently? Should I paraphrase?
Clarification Requests- When a learner does not
understand a work being used, they ask for clarification.
Confirmation Checks- When a learner reacts to a
particular sentence, and utters a word or phrase that may
be confusing in their second language.
Slowing down the speech.
 Interlocutors may model the correct language
form.The learners receive feedback on their
production and on grammar
 Learners receiving more input than the interlocutors
 When learners stop to clarify something they do not
understand, they may have more time to process the
input they receive.