¡Bienvenidos al
2011 - 2012
We are going to have a great year! For
new members, here are some of the
things Spanish Club does throughout
the year:
Dia de los Muertos celebrations(Including the
parade in Cleveland)
Service Projects
International Baccalaureate Dinner
Prom/Formal Dress Drive for Esperanza Inc.
Cinco de Mayo celebrations
…. And much more!
Dia De Los
A joyous multimedia artistic
expression of the
Mexican holiday that
CELEBRATES the cycle of LIFE!
El grupo
del ano
Las Muestras
About this Celebration
 The
‘Day of the Dead’ is one of the most
respected holidays in many Latin
American countries. Many people create
‘ofrendas’ or altars to honor the dead; It is
a time of happiness and celebration. In
your Spanish classes, you WILL hear about
and celebrate this Latin Holiday.
Mark your calendars!
This year the Celebration is
Saturday, October 29, 2011
Festivities normally begin at
12:00 pm
If approved by our principal,
We will take a bus to Cleveland
together with a group and Senora Foster as
our chaperone!
 Thank
you for attending todays
meeting! For the next meeting date,
please stay posted on the morning
announcements, posters, or ask
your Spanish teacher! Our next
meeting will be coming up in
October to celebrate Dia de Los
Muertos, and talk about our next
EVENT, the Parade. Thanks
everyone, see you soon!

¡Bienvenidos al CLUB DE ESPAÑOL!