By Benji Sampson
What is it?
Takes place in mexico, begins on march fifth. It
is celebrated as an official mexican holiday. It
celebrates libido,before the catholic lent.
Carnaval is celebrated by massive parades,
beautiful floats and festive dancing in the streets.
Participants will decorate their houses and the
streets with decorations in accordance with the
event. It is widely celebrated throughout Mexico.
The Lenten period occurs in the Liturgical year
Church calendar, and it occurs directly six weeks
before Easter, it is marked by fasting and other
festive practices. Traditionally during Lent, no
parties or other celebrations were held, and
people didn't eat rich foods, such as meat, dairy,
fats and sugar. The forty days of Lent,
celebrating the Gospel accounts of the forty days
that Jesus spent in the wilderness, to serve to
mark an annual time of turning. In the days
before Lent, all rich food and drink were thrown
out. The consumption of this, in a giant party that
involved the whole community, is thought to be
the origin of Carnival.
Me encantaría celebrar con los nativos. ¡Creo
que sería divertido!Todos los colores y las luces
son impresionantes. El desfile sería el mejor en
mi opinión. Me encantaría participar en el

Carnaval By Benji Sampson