Oct 18 Señor de los
Milagros or
Our Lord of Miracles (Peru)
and in 1655 there was
a large earthquake
which leveled most of
Lima except for the
painting which was
then named "Señor de
los Milagros".
What Happened?
Then again in October
20, 1687 Lima was
devastated by another
series of earthquakes,
yet again "Señor de
los Milagros" was
One last time there
How to celebrate
They carry a two ton replica of the painting
through the center of Lima.
People of Different religious groups wear purple
and follow behind the painting.
There is a big parade when people throw petals
out in front of and behind the statuette.
Me encantaría celebrar el Señor de Los
Milagros dia. La historian de la pintura es
muy interesante. Me encantaría ver la
original. Estoy pensando en ir a la
celebración en New York. En pocas palabras
quiero ir a celebrar.

Oct 18 Señor de los Milagros or