¿Prefieres comer a los
restaurantes de
comida rápida o a la
casa de tu profesor?
¿Por qué?
Ask Ask Switch
Click “Print.”
For “Print What,” select “Handouts.”
For “Slides per Page, ” select “6.”
Uncheck “Frame slides”.
Print and cut out.
Give each student one question card.
They will find a partner and ask that question.
The partner will answer, and then ask their question.
The first student will answer.
Then they switch cards and find a new partner.
Hot Seats
Line up chairs/desks facing each other.
One row needs to face the projector.
The students take a seat.
Show one of the question slides.
The student who can see the board asks their partner.
The partner answers.
Show another slide.
After 3-4 question/slides, tell students to move one seat to
the right.
Bucket o’ Questions
This makes a good station activity.
Click “Print.”
For “Print What,” select “Handouts.”
For “Slides per Page, ” select “6.”
Print and cut out.
Put them in a box, bucket or bag.
In a group of 5 or less, one student picks a question and
asks it to each of the other members.
They each answer.
Now another student draws a question and asks the
group. Variation: They choose one person to answer
instead of the whole group.