1. Turn to page 58 in the Spanish
2. Take out a sheet of paper, head it
appropriately, and title it “El verbo
tener: the verb tener-to have”
3. Copy the lesson objective(s) below:
To be able to conjugate the verb TENER,
to inquire about and state an amount
of something, & to inquire about and
tell one’s age.
 Yo tengo
 Tú tienes
 Él tiene
 Ella tiene
 Usted tiene
 Nosotros tenemos
 Ellos(as) tienen
 Ustedes tienen
I have
you (informal) have
he has
she has
you (formal) have
We have
They have
You all have
 We also use TENER to express age and to ask
someone’s age.
 To ask someone’s age:
 ¿Cuántos años + a form of TENER?
 How old are you?
¿Cuántos años tienes?
 To express age:
 A form of TENER + age + años
 I am thirteen years old.
Tengo trece años.
 Remember: Verbs change according to the subject,
so you may omit the subject pronoun in a sentence.
 Yo tengo dos hermanos. -- Tengo dos hermanos.
1. As the music plays walk around the room with your
right hand in the air.
2. When the music stops, pair up with another students
by giving each other a “high-five.”
3. When instructed, take turns asking about and telling
your ages in Spanish.
¿Cuántos años tienes?
Tengo ______ años.
How old are you?
I am ___ years old.
 Tess is talking about her family and her things.
Complete each sentence with the correct form
of the verb TENER.
 1. Mi madre _____ un gato adorable.
 2. Nosotros no ________ un perro.
 3. Mis tios ________ un amigo en Espana.
 4. Yo _______ un cuaderno el la mochila.
 5. Y tu, ¿que ________ en tu mochila?
 Decide whether the 6 sentences on page
59 are true (cierto) or false (falso) for
you and your family. If they are false,
correct them.
Yo tengo dos hermanos.
Falso. Yo tengo una
 What can you say about the characters? Write 5
sentences with the verb TENER.
 Choose items from both lists from page 59.
 Example:
Tim __ una mascota. Tim no tiene una mascota.
 Put all materials away except your student planner.
 REVIEW: verbal responses
(how old are you? How
many ___ do you have? Etc.)
 In your Student Planner, write the following homework
assignment on today’s date (Monday, 1/7/13).
 Answer the answers to following questions on an
index card:
1. ¿Cuántos los dedos tienes?
2. ¿Cuántos los perros tienes?
3. ¿Cuántas las clases tienes?
Remember: If you don’t have these things, write
“no” before TENGO. (No tengo… I don’t have…)

Bellwork: Monday, 1/7/2013