Albert Pujols
By: Kevin Bott
Biography about Albert Pujols
Albert Pujols was born on January 16, 1980. Su
edad es ahora 32 anos de edad. Nacio en
Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Republica
Dominicona. He went to Fort Osage High
School in Independence, MO. He studied at
Maple Woods Community College. He was
drafted into the MLB in 1999: 13th (402nd).
Accomplishment 1
• One accomplishment Albert had was the Hank
Aaron Award. The Hank Aaron Award is given to
the MLB players selected as the top hitter in each
league. Albert ganar article Hank Aaron Award en
2009 para el nacional liga. Some other awards he
won were Baseball American Rookie of the Year
(2001), Player of the Month Award (2003), Silver
Slugger Award National League (2004), and also
MVP Award (2005). Esto son solo algunos de los
premios que gano Albert.
Accomplishment 2
• In addition to his awards he is also helped off
the field. Examples are the Pujols Family
Foundation. It’s a non profit organization that
helps families in need. Otra organizacion que
tiene es el centro de Wellness de Albert Pujols.
Another accomplishment is on January 1, 2000
Albert married his wife Deidre. Tuvieron
cuatro hijos, sus nombres eran Isabella, Albert
Jr., Sophia, y Ezra.
• Albert Pujols influenciado madas personas. One
thing on how he influenced people, he created
the Pujols Family Foundation. Its purpose is to
benefit people with Down Syndrome, Disabilities
and/or life threatening illness, as well as children
and families living in bad conditions in his birth
country. In addition to the Pujols Family
Foundation, he also gets kids to be like him. Estas
son solo algubos de las cosas que Albert Pujols
influenciado a otras personas.

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