Sara Baras
Created by Paige Wellner
Spanish Period 5
Biography of Sara Baras
Sara was born in San Fernando. She began studying
dance at her mother’s school. Le gusta mucho
bailar. Cuando tenia ocho años de edad empezó a
bailar. When she turned eighteen she won first prize
in the contest Gente Joven which was live on the
Spanish national stations. In 1998, she danced with
Manuel Morao’s Company and performed in the
Alhambra 89. To this day, she is still alive and
First Achievement
Sara was very talented when it came to dancing
the level of energy she had throughout her
career was unbearable. She was so talented
that she got recognized in the United Kingdom
by the Critic’s Circle for dancing. En el año
2003 Sara Baras obtuvo el Premio Nacional de
Danza. Ella tiene un montón de dinero. That
was mainly how she supported herself and
Second Achievement
En 1998 empezar a componer danzas. Enseño 7
bailarines y musicos 7. All of that resulted in
her participating in La Huella de España as a
guest artist. This program was held by
Sociedad General de Autores de España,
which means general society of Spanish
authors. This was to celebrate the 100th
anniversary of Cuban independence. That lead
to hosting a television show named Algo mas
que flamenco.
Sara is still currently alive. She is still in the
world of performing arts. Sara tiene 40 años.
Ella influencío a muchas personas. She
influenced them by making huge
accomplishments and living a successful life.
She took on a modeling career as well as
dancing. The people who followed up on her
achievements believe to think she has an
endless supply of energy.

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