Alex Rodriguez: Life and Baseball
By Kameron Bott
The Biography of Alex Rodirguez
Alex was born in July 27, 1995 in Washington Heights, New York.
He had 1 brother and 1 sister and is a half brother.
Alex attend collage in Calgary, Alberta
He was on the Calgary Cannons triple A team for baseball.
En 1993, A-rod fue una selección de primera draft a los Marineros
de Seattle
• In February of 2009 A-rod was caught using
performance-ehancing drugs.
• In 2002 Alex was married to Cynthia Scurtis.
• They had two girls in their marriage, Nashasta and Ella.
• But in July of 2008 Cynthia and Alex devorced each
other because of Alex cheating.
• Since 2011 A-rod has been dating WWE diva Torrie
• Alex ha aparecido en un comercial de Pepsi y un Guitar
Hero World Tour comercial con Tony Hawk, Kobe
Bryant, y Michael Phelps
• Alex was given the Edward T Foote II award in2007.
•Alex donated $3.9millionto the University of Miami to make
a new baseball stadium.
•In 1994 when Ale was with Seattle his firs year he hit 19
RBI’s, 4 homeruns, and played 17games.
•In Alex’s final year with Seattle he scored 41 homeruns and
132 RBI’s and 148 games played.
•In December of 2007 Alex signed a $275million dollar
contract with the New York Yankees.
•Alex es actualmente una base de beis bol estadounidense
tercero para los Yankees.
•When Alex joined the Yankees he was first
In most RBI’s wit 18 and most homeruns
With 54.
• Alex is the first person from a Hispanic
descent to hit the most homeruns right now
with 642.
• Alex was a 10 time Silver Slugger in 1996,
1998- 2003, 2005 and 2007-2008
• He also was a 14 time all star player 1996-98,
2000-08 and 2010-11
• Since he singed with the Yankees he has had
51 RBI’s, 74 runs, 126hits, and 122 games
• Alex ha ganado la Serie Mundial con los
Yankees en el 2009.
• Since Alex donated money to the University of
Miami he has been an influence to kids that
play baseball. Alex has decided to influence
people because he was influenced by his dad
Victor Rodriguez. Victor Rodriguez had been a
catcher for a Dominican minor league baseball
team. That’s what started Alex’s passion for
playing baseball.

alex (arod) rodirguez