Write a sentence to answer each question.
1) ¿Cuántos años tienes?
2) ¿Cómo estás hoy?
3) ¿Qué clase te gusta?
4) ¿A qué hora llegas al colegio?
Write a sentence to answer each question.
1) ¿Cuántos años tienes?
1) Yo tengo quince años
2) ¿Cómo estás hoy?
Yo estoy muy bien
3) ¿Qué clase te gusta?
1) Me gusta la clase de inglés
4) ¿A qué hora llegas al colegio?
Yo llego al colegio a las siete por la mañana
• EOY review packets- due Tues. Jan. 6th as a
• Speaking EOY Final- jueves 1/8/15
EOY Practice
• If you did NOT finish your EOY practice from yesterday..
• Complete the PowerPoints under Spanish I Wiki for
12/18/14; there are TWO different Power Points you
must complete.
– Listening Comprehension: answer the questions based off
statements/native speakers
– Speaking Practice: practice your verb structures and
practice speaking prompt for EOY
– Save both different power points under the Public Drive to
get credit for today’s class
Holiday Webquest in the Spanishspeaking world
• Today you will use the PDF link on the Wiki to
research how holidays are celebrated in Spanishspeaking countries
• Complete the webquest (both sets of questions)
for extra credit!
• If you would like a hard copy of the questions,
raise your hand and the sub will give you the
sheet. Use the PDF on the Wiki to be able to click
on the hyperlinks for the websites
If you finish…
• Complete and missing work for the quarter
(must be turned in by Friday 1/9/15 for partial
• Work on your EOY review packet
– Due Tues. Jan. 6th

Calentamiento Recuerda!!- Vocab quiz tomorrow 12/10