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Project Safe Childhood &
Cyber Crime Coordinator
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How bad is it?
Let’s look at the numbers.
CyberTipline Weekly Activity Report #805 (October 7, 2013 - October 13, 2013)
Total Number of reports made by the public (CyberTipline 1): 1,419
Total Number of reports made by ESPs (CyberTipline 2): 9,131
Type of Incident*
Weekly Program to Date**
Child Pornography
10,292 1,984,290
Child Prostitution
Child Sex Tourism
Child Sexual Molestation (not in the family)
Misleading Domain Name(since 04/2002)
Online Enticement of Children for Sexual Acts
Unsolicited Obscene Material Sent to a Child
Submitted Without Incident Type
Total # of Reports
10,550 2,125,312
Misleading Words or Digital Images on the Internet(since
(since 09/2002)
NCMEC's Child Victim Identification Program Weekly Activity Report # 570
(October 07, 2013 – October 13, 2013)
NCMEC's Child Victim Identification Program
Program to Date
Number of Cases through CRIS*
Number of Images/Movies Reviewed during CRIS Exams
248,801 97,342,865
Number of Identified Child Victims Added to CRIS
*CRIS (Child Recognition & Identification System) launched September 18, 2002
59, 322
Number of registered sex offenders in Florida
Number of registered sex offenders with a Current Florida Residence
Figures from FDLE as of July 22, 2013
Most people think of adult rape as a
crime of great proportion and
significance. Most are unaware that
children are victimized at a much
higher rate than adults.
•Nearly 70% of all reported sexual assaults (including assaults on
adults) occur to children ages 17 and under (Snyder, 2000).
•Youths have higher rates of sexual assault victimization than
adults. In 2000, the sexual assault victimization rate for youths 12
to 17 was 2.3 times higher than for adults (U.S. Dept. of Justice,
Bureau of Justice Statistics).

Dense Population of Sex Offenders in Fla. Case Is Alarmingly Typical
“There are so many sex offenders living within blocks of where 7-yearold Somer Thompson vanished Monday that when their homes are
represented by pins on a digital map they create a cluster so thick it
overlaps in places. (160 within 5 mile radius) ” ABC News October 2009
Jarred Mitchell Harrell was charged and later
convicted of killing Somer Thompson. He was
placed in custody when authorities arrested him in
Mississippi. He was not a convicted predator, but
he was under investigation for child pornography
distribution when he abducted and killed Somer.
The wolves outnumber the shepherds.
Authorities: Man lured
girls by posing as Justin
NWF Daily News
Pensacola, Florida
May 15, 2012
Suspects in child-sex sting face federal charges
Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell and other area law enforcement officials
hold a press conference Tuesday to discuss the arrests of 21 men accused of
soliciting children online for sex in an Alachua County called Operation Tail
Gainesville Sun, February 7, 2012
Child Sex Trafficking
Gainesville, Florida
Man pleads guilty to child
sex trafficking - October
29, 2012
Gainesville Man Receives 150-Year Sentence
for Production of Child Pornography
Keith Edward Olmeda, 33, was sentenced
by U.S. District Judge Stephan P. Mickle to
150 years in federal prison following
Olmeda’s guilty plea to five counts of
production of child pornography.
How does it affect me?
Four out of every 20 girls will be abused and one or
two of every twenty boys.
The peak age of vulnerability is 7 to 13.
In the United States, approximately 500,000
children are sexually abused each year.
One in twenty instances of child sexual abuse are
The Neurobiology of Child Abuse and Neglect, Neuro Psychiatry Reviews, June 2008, Volume 9, Number 6.
The Human Impact of
Childhood Sexual Abuse
Childhood Sexual Abuse occurs when the brain is in its critical formative
period. Exposure to stress during this period changes the shape of the
neurons and molecular organization of the brain leading to:
-Diminished capacity of the adult hippocampus
-Altered development of the limbic system
-Brain wave abnormalities in the temporal and frontal lobe regions
of the brain
-Reduction in the size of the amygdala
The Neurobiology of Child Abuse and Neglect, Neuro Psychiatry
Reviews, June 2008, Volume 9, Number 6.
Childhood sexual abuse is linked to the onset of:
-Psychosomatic Disorder
-Panic Disorder
-Borderline Personality Disorder
-Dissociative Identity Disorder
-Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
-Eating Disorders
-Suicidal Thoughts
-Substance Abuse
-Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
While childhood sexual abuse (CSA) continues to be a
major public health problem, an equally severe and
silent epidemic are the estimated 39 million adult
survivors of childhood sexual abuse in the United
States who continue to exhibit aftereffects of CSA that
predispose them to adverse psychosocial outcomes
throughout their adolescent and adult life.
Early childhood traumas such as sexual abuse can
have lifelong effects throughout adulthood, and the
cost to society is high. Ninety percent of cases go
unreported and untreated, as the symptoms of CSA
are often misdiagnosed and unappreciated.
The Public’s Health, Los Angeles County Public
Health, April 2009
What can I do about it?
Are you familiar with this
“pasture?” Internet Gaming
Child Pornography Distribution
Peer to Peer Filing Sharing
The Harm from Cyber Bullying
2 Charged in Fla. After Bullied Girl's
WINTER HAVEN, Fla. October 15, 2013
Fla. Stat. § 784.048
Five Of The Most Common Categories Of Dangerous CyberBullying Behavior Are:
1. Communication or gossip intended to embarrass a person or damage their
2. Impersonation of another person, sometimes to trick a third party into
revealing secrets.
3. Repeatedly posting harassing, hostile communication, such as intimidating
messages or threats of violence, aimed at, or written about, a specific person.
4. Exclusion of a person from an online group.
5. Offensive messages posted as part of an online fight.
Nearly 9 Out Of 10 Minor Teens Have A Social Networking
Social Networking
TMI: too much
Don’t include
information that
could be used
to locate you in
the real world.
Where you
live? Your cell
phone number?
You never know who
is looking at your
Safe Posting Tips: What to Block
Home telephone number
Cell phone number
Street address
Home town/city of residence
Name of school
Name of favorite playground or park
Date of birth
Don’t Make Careless Mistakes on Social Networking Sites
Future Employers
Nearly 80% of Fortune 500 companies search social
networking sites before hiring.
1/3 of those said they found information that caused
them to toss out potential candidates.
Universities and Colleges
1 out of 10 ten admissions officers has visited an
applicant's social networking Web site as part of the
admissions decision-making process.
25% of officers who reported stated that applicants’
social networking sites had a positive impact on
their admissions evaluation.
38% of officers reported that applicants‘ sites had a
negative impact on their admissions evaluation.
The Consequences of TMI
Cell Phones/Smart Phone
Cell phones
• Smart phones
Picture Privacy:
Cell Phones & GPS Mapping
Handouts & Presentation Materials
First 50 freeafter that 10 each.
“We should leave no stone unturned, and
recognize that we have no greater mission as a
country than keeping our young people safe.”
President Barack Obama, July 2012
Presenter Contact Information:
Frank Williams
Assistant United States Attorney
Project Safe Childhood and CHIPS Coordinator
Northern District of Florida
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