Christopher Beer, Unwanted Intervention
Jos Sances,
Welcome to
the Land of
Your Dreams
Nicholas Naughton, One Day in the Rose Garden
Fernando Marti, Quetzal
Art Hazelwood, The Border Wall Divides All Life
Patrick Piazza, untitled
Malaquias Montoya, La Frontera
Mokhtar Paki, No Border Wall
Nancy Hom, Catalina’s World
Scott Anderson, SPEW, Uncle Jesus Vomits the
Wall of Freedom
Juan Fuentes, Stop Racist Ideology
Imin Yeh, untitled
Manuel Fernando Rios, One Way
Claude Moller, The Law is a Fence
Leon Sun, Walls
Calixto Robles, No More Walls, No Mas Bardas,
Favianna Rodriguez, Stop Family Separation
Frances Jetter, Wall-Eye
Frank LaPena, The Earth is Under Attack
David Tomb & Luis M. Contreras,
¡ No Chingues Gringo!
Francisco Dominguez, Amerikkka’s Wall of Shame
Mark Vallen,
No Human Being is Illegal, Ningun ser Humano es Ilegal
Doug Minkler,
¡ Que Caiga el Muro!, Scrap the Wall!
The Roots Factory, Boycott Arizona
Emory Douglas, Toxic Waste
Flor de Autodeterminacion, Como La Flor
Khalil Bendib, Dino Security, Inc.
Ronnie Goodman, The Walls of Oppression that Divide Us,
AD Avila, Freedom Crossing
John Leschak, Love Knows No Borders
New World Border
YWCA Princeton
All Purpose Room
59 Paul Robeson Place, Princeton
July 11-August 27, 2011
Exhibit hours/Horas de exhibición:
Monday & Thursday/Lunes y Jueves: 6.30-9 PM
Friday/Viernes: 6.30-8 PM
Saturday/Sábado: 2.30-4 PM
Co-sponsored by/Patrocinadores:
The Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund
YWCA Princeton
Casa Freehold

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