Q $100
Q $100
Q $100
Q $100
Q $100
Q $200
Q $200
Q $200
Q $200
Q $200
Q $300
Q $300
Q $300
Q $300
Q $300
Q $400
Q $400
Q $400
Q $400
Q $400
Q $500
Q $500
Q $500
Q $500
Q $500
Final Jeopardy
$100 Question from H1
The cd
$100 Answer from H1
El disco compacto
$200 Question from H1
$200 Answer from H1
$300 Question from H1
Worse(daily double)
$300 Answer from H1
$400 Question from H1
$400 Answer from H1
$500 Question from H1
$500 Answer from H1
$100 Question from H2
Wash the clothing!
$100 Answer from H2
¡Lava la ropa! (daily double)
$200 Question from H2
Wash the car!
$200 Answer from H2
¡Lava el coche!
$300 Question from H2
Wash the dirty dishes!
$300 Answer from H2
¡Lava los platos sucios!
$400 Question from H2
Clean the bathroom!
$400 Answer from H2
¡Limpia el baño!
$500 Question from H2
Feed the dog!
$500 Answer from H2
¡Da de comer al perro!
$100 Question from H3
I am cooking
$100 Answer from H3
Estoy cocinando
$200 Question from H3
She is washing the clothing(daily double
$200 Answer from H3
Está lavando la ropa
$300 Question from H3
They are fixing up the room.
$300 Answer from H3
Están arreglando el cuarto
$400 Question from H3
He is dusting the house
$400 Answer from H3
Está quitando el polvo de la casa.
$500 Question from H3
We are feeding the dog.(daily double)
$500 Answer from H3
Estamos dando de comer al perro.
$100 Question from H4
I live here
$100 Answer from H4
Vivo aquí
$200 Question from H4
You live close to the school.
$200 Answer from H4
Vives cerca a la escuela.
$300 Question from
They live far from the museum.
$300 Answer from H4
Viven lejos del museo.
$400 Question from H4
We live close to the church. (daily double)
$400 Answer from H4
Vivimos cerca a la iglesia.
$500 Question from H4
She lives far from the pool.
$500 Answer from H4
Vive lejos de la piscina.
$100 Question from H5
The rug
$100 Answer from H5
La alfombra
$200 Question from H5
The dresser
$200 Answer from H5
La cómoda
$300 Question from H5
The curtains
$300 Answer from H5
Las Cortinas
$400 Question from H5
The wall
$400 Answer from H5
La pared
$500 Question from H5
The mirror
$500 Answer from H5
El espejo
Final Jeopardy
What do you do in your house?
Final Jeopardy Answer
¿Qué haces en tu casa?

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