Spreading a New Virus
Part 1
The Marketing Prescription
that Gives You a Buzz
Viral Marketing
Avalanche Marketing
Buzz Marketing
Cascading Style Marketing
Centrifugal Marketing
Digitally-Augmented Word of Mouth
Exponential Marketing
More Viral Marketing
Fission Marketing
Grassroots Marketing
Organic Marketing
Person-to-Person Marketing
Propagation Marketing
Referral Marketing
Still More Viral Marketing
Ripple Marketing
Self-Perpetuating Marketing
Self-Propagating Marketing
Wildfire Marketing
Word-of-Mouse Marketing
Word-of-Mouth Marketing
Buzzword of the Year - 1998
“The award for Internet marketing
buzzword of the year goes to
‘viral marketing.’”
--Iconocast, 16 Dec 98
Earliest Citation: 27 Sep 89
Ernst & Whinney
Compaqs v. Macintosh SE’s
People stood in line for the Macs
“It’s viral marketing,” said John Bownes of
City Bank. “You get one or two in and they
spread throughout the company.”
--Tim Carrigan
PC User
Viral Marketing I
Viral marketing is the promotion of a
service or product by using existing
customers to pass along a marketing
pitch to friends, family, and
--Paul McFedries
The Word Spy
Viral Marketing II
Viral marketing is network-enhanced
word of mouth.
--Steve Jurvetson
Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Viral Marketing III
Viral marketing is a marketing
phenomenon that facilitates and
encourages people to pass along a
marketing message.
Viral Marketing IV
Viral marketing is advertising that
propagates itself.
Viral Marketing V
Viral marketing describes any strategy
that encourages individuals to pass
on a marketing message to others,
creating the potential for exponential
growth in the message’s exposure
and influence.
--Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
Viral Marketing – Our Take
Viral PR and marketing techniques are
those that cost little or no money and
that, either alone or with careful
encouragement, can spread
information, virus-like, from recipient
to recipient until the information or
“buzz” has reached a critical mass.
“We believe that the Internet provides
an unfair competitive advantage to
nimble startup companies. A good
idea can spread like wildfire, if its
business model maps to the medium.
Viral Marketing adds fuel to the fire.”
--Steve Jurvetson & Tim Draper
Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Word of Mouth
For the majority of consumers, TV
advertising is not a big influence in
their decisions on which car to
--Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
Reported by Mark Ramsey
Radio marketing Nexus
Amazing Stat
Word of mouth was cited as most
important by a whopping 71 percent
of respondents.
Direct mail was a distant second at
48 percent.
--Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
Reported by Mark Ramsey
Radio marketing Nexus
The Good News
• Extremely Low Cost
• Great Credibility
– The recipient usually trusts the source
• Can grow exponentially
• Can quickly knock out or discourage
Friends and Family
The majority of people rely more than
ever on friends and family, rather than
advertising or editorial, to decide
which restaurants to try, places to visit,
prescription drugs to purchase, hotels
to stay in, and videos to rent.
--Roper Research
Reported by Mark Ramsey
“Produce a superior product, get people
enthusiastic, and they’ll become
--Advertising Age
Reported by Mark Ramsey
Radio Marketing Nexus
Notebook Computer
Made it around the world in –
what? – two days?
So, What’s the Catch?
• Can be slow
• Inefficient
• Totally out of your control
– You cannot control the message
– You have to trust
– Your key points may be lost
Guerilla Marketing
Any targetable, far-reaching, highfrequency and low-entry-cost
marketing tactic falling outside the
realm of television, print, and radio.
--Erik Hauser
Swivel Media
Guerilla Marketing Methods
Street Teams
Poster Sniping
Product/Service Sampling
Street Theater
PR Stunts
Human Billboards
Ambush Marketing
--Swivel Media
Intel Pentium
Floating Point Division Problem
Pin Drop
“Care for Nooner?”
Houlihan’s Restaurants
Arnold Worldwide-St. Louis
Double-entendre-laden “Nooner” promo
Guerilla tactics …
– Small ads in alternative weeklies
– They simply ask, “Care for Nooner?”
Loose Lips Sink Ships
All together now, …
End of Part 1
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Spreading a New Virus - Part 1