The Spanish Days of the Week and examples of use
“What day is it today?” – “¿Qué dia es hoy?”
“Today is Saturday” = “Hoy es sábado”
So – what sort of things do you do on certain days?, well for most of us it’s work
between Monday and Friday:
“Los lunes empiezo el trabajo a las ocho” – On Mondays I start work at eight o’clock
“¿Cuál es tu día preferido? – What is your favourite day?.........................
Let’s try some basic words…..(note these are just at random)
Click the mouse until a spanish word appears, try to answer it before clicking again……….
Ejemplo……..”los deberes = “
Ahora usted :
(con tu ratón)
So you like Spanish – ¿te gusta español?
Let’s have a look at how we say whether or not we like something, or whether or not “it
pleases us”. The verb GUSTAR followed by the NOUN expresses likes and dislikes….
Ejemplo – “Me gusta navegar por internet” – I like surfing the internet (lit. it pleases me)
Ahora usted :
(con tu ratón)
NB: the last one literally means : To Enrique it is pleasing to watch the television