Our school
80th anniversary
Our school is situated in the
neighbourhood “Vodáreň“
near the centre of Tnava. It´s near
three supermarkets - Tesco,
and Kaufland.
The official name of
our school is Primary
School in Atomova
Street in Trnava.
It has been a state school. It
provides elementary
education for pupils from 6
to 15 years old.
The school was built in 1932
in Kukučínová Street.
It was moved to Atomova
Street in 1980.
In our school there are 17
classrooms and 10 special
classrooms for Physics, foreign
languages, Ethics, ICT, technical
education and a school kitchen.
There is a gym, a vestibule and a
big canteen. Our teachers have a
lot of rooms and a staffroom.
This is our gym.
There are 34 teachers and educators, a
school psychologist, an economist,
a secretary, a school caretaker,
several cleaners and cookers.
Our headmistress´s name is Emília
School subjects
The school subjects are Slovak, foreign
languages, Maths, Art, Music,
Physical Education, Religious
Education, Biology, Chemistry,
History, Ethics, Information and
Communication Technology,
Geography, Physics, Cookery,
Citizenship, etc..
The pupils can choose from these foreign languages English, German and French.
Our school has got a library.
Pupils can borrow a lot of books.
The librarian prepares a lot of actvities
like Andersen Night.
Our pupils make the school magazine.
It is called “Atomik“.
There was a big fire
on 15 June 2008 .
One building burnt
completely. Fortunately,
nobody hurt.
The famous people who attended our
school were:
Robo Opatovský
Kamil Mikulčík.
Kamil Mikulčík is a great
singer and actor.
Robo Opatovský is a swing
Miška, Rišo, Kika, Dávid, Sima, Juro, Ama, Lucka,
Domko, Vika, Veve and Nika

80th anniversary