Pop-up actor
Exploration of IS for controling
sale of beer and alcopops
Egil Øvrelid
• From 1 january 2004 all kinds of drinks
containing alcohol below 4, 76% were
available in grocery stores.
• Lead to increasing responsibility for
grocery stores
• From January to October this year, fifteen
stores have lost their license from selling
alcohol to people under age
Actors and inscriptions
We agree.
But this is not
soft drinks but
Ingjerd Schou
g number
Retire the
concession to
sell alchol from
shops that are
selling to minors
Minors bought
beer in every
grocery store
It is depressing that so many
minors get to buy alcohol in the
shop says
Thomas Angell i Handels- og
Hovedorganisasjon (HSH).
Translate inscriptions
Introduction of a new training program
where clerks are given questions, short
movies with scenarios are presented
GOAL : reveal methods used by young
Create local training
programs of each clerk,
where “Schous” threat is
translated into each of the
new employees
at Grunerløkka
• The interviews were conducted at the grocery store 2 November,
and we interviewed one employee and the owner. The owner works
as a clerk when necessary.
• IS a helpful tool
– Helping new employees to lift there heades
– Emphasize the training they have received by reminding the
• Training most important
– Training programs locally to each new employee as a
supplement to training programs from HSH and Rema centrally
– By translating the threat (inscription) ”we can loose our grant to
sell bears” into each employee, the responsibility is spread
• Ask everyone that you think is under 23, to legitimate
themselves :
– ”I’m not afraid to ask the customers to legitimate themselves
because i risk losing my job otherwise” (Telephone interview ICA)
– “Yesterday I asked a 30 year old if he was over 18”
– Acting as detectives to reveal breaking of rules
IS architecture
Reflections on methods
• Observation
– Didn’t get access, but performed ”curious
observation” for some time
– In this occasion adequate to have an
understanding related to the domain
Reflections on methods
• Interviews
– Two ”subjects” : shop owner,
– One ”phone interview” (ICA)
– 3 ”sections” :
• IS helpful? Training and attitudes
– 13 questions
– By the questions we revealed that
how they look, how they talk, and
how they dresses, are more
important factors than the IS
– But helpful for new employees
Thoughts and questions
generated for research design
• Made med able to create a research
strategy for my master thesis
– How to organize the methods (design)
– What are my possibilties in bag of tools
(video, audio, scenarios)
– How i should formulate the questions
– In what order i should use the technics
How to verify or generalize from
qualitative research findings
• To verify or generalize I think it’s important
to conduct interviews from several
organizations or departments in our
example, or by conducting qualitative
methods on different type of people in the
same department.

Pop-up actor Exploration of IS for contorlling sale of