Riko Osila, Marleen Varblas, Sergei Kaasik
Jõgeva Ühisgümnaasium
Tutor: Maive Kase
General Information
 Capital city : Honolulu
 State : 50
 State nickname :
Aloha State
 Official languages:
English, Hawaiian
The flag of Hawaii
 8 stripes – represents the eight main
islands of Hawaii
 The Union Jack- honoring Hawaii’s long
relationship with the British
 State fish : The reef
 State bird: Nene
 State flower:
Hibiscus ( yellow )
 State song: Hawaii
The only state of the US that:
Is not geographically located in North
Grows coffee
Has a royal place
Is completely surrounded by water
Does not have a straight line in its state
 Islands were discovered by the Polynesians,
who gave them the name Hawaii
 The Hawaiians were a people without writing,
who preserved their history in chants and
 When Captain Cook discovered Hawaii in
1778, he renamed them The Sandwich
 1817
– Coffee was first planted
 1941
– December 7th, Japanese bombed Pearl
Harbor. The U.S. entered World War II.
 1900
– Hawaii became a United States territory
 1959
– Hawaii became the 50th state.The first jet
arrived. The age of tourism began
– America's only royal residence, Iolani Palace
is built on Oahu.
James Cook's log describing the natives
as "riding the ocean's waves on wooden
boards", later was called surfing
– President Franklin Deleno Roosevelt arrived.
He was the first United States president to
visit Hawaii
– The first Hawaii constitution of the
kingdom was established
– The first Hawaiin flag was seen
Prince Liholiho abandoned the ancient
taboo of eating with women
 Nicole Scherzinger (pop star) of Pussycat
Dolls fame
 Fred Hemmings surf champion in 1968, now
he is a senator for Kailua
 Ashley Lelie star player at the University of
Hawaii Warriors football team
 Kelly Preston very talented actress, Tia
Carerre(actress) also from Hawaii
 Keanu Reaves (actor) also born in Hawaii
(Keanu can be translated to "the cool one." )
 Nicole Kidman (actress) has a state of
Hawaii birth certificate
 Barack H. Obama the President of the
United States of America
 The Hula
– Hawaiin icon. It's an image of swaying
hips, graceful hands and colorful costumes
 The Spirit of Aloha
– aloha is the most Hawaiian word. In the
Hawaiian language, it can mean hello or
goodbye. It also means love and affection.
 Surfing
– Oahu’s south shore
is perfect for
beginning surfers .
Hawaii has the
most surfers in the
 Hawaiian has the shortest alphabet in the world
 consists of only twelve letters A, E, I, O, U, H,
K, L, M, N, P, W
 H,K,L,M,N,P – as in English
 A – Like the a in far
 E – Like the e in bet
 I – Like the y in city
 O – Like o in sole
 U – Like the oo in moon
Hawaii has the
highest life
expectancy in the
United States. Life
expectancy for
males is 75, for
females 80 years.
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