EMCDDA Technical
Cooperation Activities
“Perspectives for the future”
Frédéric Denecker
Reitox Network and Project Support Officer
1. Overview of past TC projects
2. Future IPA project
Objective and key figures
Improve project management
Commitment from Beneficiaries
Increase visibility of outputs
Improve international coordination
Past Technical Cooperation: a brief overview
• PHARE 1: 10 CEECs - € 2M (2001-2002)
• PHARE 2: 10 CEECs - € 0.5M (2002-2004)
• PHARE 3: BG + RO - € 0.3M (2005-2006)
• PHARE 4: HR + TR - € 0.5M (2006-2007)
• CARDS: 5 WB - € 0.55M (2007-2009)
• IPA 1: HR + TR - € 0.25M (2008-2009)
• IPA 2: EU high level conference (25-27 Nov 2009)
Future IPA3 Project: some key figures
• To strengthen the beneficiary countries’ capacity to
participate in the EMCDDA activities
• Overall budget: € 900.000
• Expected start: Feb 2010
• Expected conclusion: Nov 2011
• Inception report: April 2010
• Interim report: Feb 2011
• Final report: Dec 2011
Future IPA Project: efficient partnership at
national and EU level
 Mutual knowledge and understanding of the issue
 Building trust and confidence
 Shared ownership of project (and its results)
• EMCDDA project coordination team
• Network of National Correspondents
• Reitox Coaching system
• Pool of EU experts
• EMCDDA scientific staff
• Scientific writer
Monday, November 16, 2009
IPA 3- Overall project management
Contractuel relation
& coordination
Scientific editing
& proofreading of
ALL written outputs
Pool of experts
Scientific writer
Scientific capacity building activities
9 Countries
9 national
Day to day support
Direct partnership
9 RTX coaches
Future IPA3 Project: challenges (on basis of
past lessons learned)
• Improve project management
• Commitment from beneficiaries
• Increase visibility of project related outputs
• Improve coordination at international level
Challenge 1: improve project management
• Clear and feasible definition of goals and objectives
• Straight forward description of tasks and roles of
each key actor involved
• Common approval of project related nat. activities
• Enhance EC financial procedures at nat. level (VAT,
LEF & BAF, service providers, training, etc)
• Ensure timely, concise reporting to stakeholders
(EC, beneficiaries, coaches, etc.)
• Improve general communication channels between
involved partners
• If B plan is needed, make it a real B plan
Challenge 2: commitment from beneficiaries
• Committed & reliable NC (in line w EMCDDA criteria)
• Reliability of network of partners / national experts
• Fully aware / supportive national decision makers
• Capacity of absorption (national vs. EU tasks)
• Improve communication to different involved
national stakeholders (incl. dissemination of outputs)
• Raising awareness of national stakeholders (e.g.
attendance at important meetings, conferences, etc)
• Seek national resources to ensure continuity /
sustainability of achieved activities
Challenge 3: increase visibility of project
related outputs
• Translate all key documents to national languages
• Increase visibility of IPA countries at EU level (e.g.
country overview on EMCDDA web site)
• Prepare / participate in national launches of important
reports / findings (e.g. ESPAD results)
• Better use of local and national press / media services
• Use of new information technologies to share TC
project results (e.g. shared project web page, etc.)
• Develop mutual knowledge and understanding in order
to ensure a shared ownership of project results
Challenge 4: Improve coordination at
international level
• Improve cooperation between EMCDDA,
Commission, EC delegations in IPA countries and
Permanent Missions of IPA countries to the EU
• Improve cooperation with other EC services in the
same area of intervention (e.g. TAIEX, Twinning, etc.)
• Improve cooperation with other international
organisations (e.g. WHO, UNODC, Global Fund, etc.)
• Communicate more efficiently with all
aforementioned interest groups as to ensure common
approach and to avoid overlap / contradictory
Thank you for your attention and …
good luck for your future TC projects!
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