The Path To College
Part II: The College Admissions
College Admissions
• Transcripts – HS GPA
• Recommendations
• Essays
• Timelines
• Scholarships
• Extra-Curricular Activities
 3 Sections: Math, Critical Reading, and
Writing (includes Essay)
 Each Section graded out of 800, total 2400
 Critical reading has two 25 minute sections
and one 20 minute section
 Math has two 25 minute sections and one 20
minute sections
 Total Time: 3 Hours and 45 Minutes
 Four sections: math, reading, science, and English
section with an optional essay (most colleges
require this essay)
 Each section is out of 36, then averaged to create a
composite score. Essay is graded from 2-12.
 Math section has 60 questions in 60 minutes.
 Reading section has 40 questions in 35 minutes.
 Science section has 40 questions in 35 minutes.
 English section has 75 questions in 45 minutes.
 Total time is 2 hours and 55 minutes or 3 and 25
minutes is student chooses to write the essay.
High School Grade Point
• Colleges see academic strengths and
• Trend in grades
• Good indicator of performance
• Upward trend in grades is preferable
• Taking difficult classes looks good
• Junior year is most important, but other
years matter as well
AP Credit
• Advanced Placement Program is a
way to get a head start on college
curriculum and earn college credit
while in high school!
– Then! You can take more upperlevel courses in college, or have the
opportunity to study abroad.
– You can show the admissions
committee at almost any university
that you’re ready for college.
– These classes will help you prepared
for the courses you take in college.
Dual Enrollment
• Opportunity to get college credit
while taking college classes in high
school... Great way to get ahead!
•Classes include- English, Math,
Foreign Languages, Science, Gen
Letters of Recommendation
Rec. letters from guidance
counselors, teachers, coaches,
Places of community service
and internship provide great
P.S.: Make sure they like you
Extra-Curricular Activities
Inside of School
 National Junior Honor
 School Organizations
Outside of School
 Work Experience
 Community Service
 Internships
Work Experience,
Volunteering, and Internships
• Employment- Part-Time/Full Time
• Community Service- Helping Others
• Internships- Mostly Done in College, But Good
Way To Find Job Interest
• Hobbies- Things that you enjoy doing
• Write a personal statement
• Essays can also be written for
• Express yourself through the writing
because this is the biggest chance
to impress colleges
Example topics for essay’s
• Best way to show schools who you are as a
person, and how you would contribute to the
student body on campus
• Could be personal experiences regarding
school, work, sports, volunteering, and overall
life experiences that were important to you!
• Be on top of your deadlines for
everything: college applications,
scholarship applications, and volunteer
• Being on time prevents you from
missing various opportunities and
portrays a good image, making yourself
a favorable candidate.
Example timeline
• Take SAT’s/ACT’s/AIMS/entrance exam’s early, just
incase you need to retake it
• Make list of desired schools
• Focus on improving/maintaining GPA
• Start looking/applying for scholarships and different
schools, earlier the better especially for scholarships
• See potential letters of recommendation writers
• Speak to councilors about potential careers
Senior year:
• Apply for colleges and scholarships early (complete
essays/ letters of recommendations, etc.)
• Figure out living situations (dorm, transportation) for
freshman year!
• Look into jobs and possible internships,
volunteering, and Greek life if interested!
• Very important to not slack off in school, no
senioritis! colleges can revoke your acceptance if you
Easy way to make free money and
finance your college education.
Develop a chain of networking so that
you can meet new people and learn
of places to volunteer, where you can
make a difference.
AIMS Scholarship
 Aka. Regents High Honors Endorsement
Award- Full state university tuition
 Fixed amount that is awarded for all 4 years
 Must exceed all three sections of the AIMS
Reading, Writing, and Math
Must have a B or higher in all sixteen core
 Good practice for the SAT
 Qualify for different scholarships/national
recognition programs
National Merit Scholarship Award
National Hispanic Recognition Program
 Free Application for Student Federal Aid
 Schools use this information to prepare
financial aid packages to meet students’
financial needs
Leading Internet scholarship search used by 1
out of 3 college bound high schools students
Contains scholarship opportunities, helps with
the college application process, and has
financial aid tips
Apply for as many scholarships as you can!
You will be surprised with how many
opportunities are out there!
FastWeb: Example of scholarships
and internships
 $5000 scholarship,
write an essay to apply from a given prompt
Submit your own music piece/album cover and you can
win up to $2500 Could win
$5000 for writing an essay about why healthy living is
Internship for minorities to experience work in the
federal government, make $400 a week
University of Arizona Scholarships
Regents High Honors Endorsement Award
Scholarships for incoming freshman include:
Wildcat Excellence Award
Awards $2,500-8,500 to incoming freshmen
Awarded for all 4 years
Based on high school performance
National Hispanic Scholarship
Awards $15,000 to incoming Hispanic students
Arizona State University Scholarships
Regents High Honors Endorsement Award
President’s Scholarship
Provost’s Scholarship
$9,000 based on outstanding high school
$7,500 based on outstanding high school
University Scholarship
$2,500 based on outstanding high school
Northern Arizona University
Regents High Honors Endorsement Award
President’s Award
Dean’s Award
$3,750 per year
$2,500 per year
Merit Award
$1,750 per year
Federal Work Study Program
Provides part time job opportunities to students
who show financial need
Earnings from these jobs are removed from
FAFSA and therefore do not count when
designating a student’s financial need
Offers opportunities to work in your field of
study with flexible hours so as not to interfere
with classes
Enhance your resume while gaining work
related experience!
“To get through the hardest
journey we need take only
one step at a time, but we
must keep on stepping.”
Chinese Proverb
Thank You

The Path To College