Making the Smart Move!
Moscow, 16 March 2010
What is Smart Move?
Smart Move Video
Who are the Smart Move Partners?
Buses and coaches for safer mobility!
• Safety champions
• The best drivers
• Seven times safer than driving
to school in the family car
Buses and coaches are a Safe Move!
Buses and coaches for user-friendly
• Key mobility enablers
• Socially inclusive
• Comfort, quality and
• 90% satisfaction rate
Buses and coaches are a User-Friendly Move!
Buses and coaches for cleaner
Environmental champions
Lowest external costs
Working hard to stay on top
Energy efficient
Fighting congestion
Buses and coaches are a Green Move!
Buses and coaches for efficient
• The backbone of public
• Giving back to
• Millions of jobs
EU-27 modal split of collective passenger transport (pkm)
Buses and coaches are an Efficient Move!
Buses and coaches for affordable
• Most affordable means of transport
• Covering full infrastructure costs
• Offering best cost-efficiency
Buses and coaches are an Affordable Move!
What are we doing?
• Advocacy – COP15
• Policy Proposals – Doubling the use, Omnibus
• Promotion – Brochures, Website, Newsletter,
– Current Targets
• Politicians
• Operators
– Future Targets
• Customers
• Wider society
Where is Smart Move campaigning?
UN - COP15
EU - Parliament, Commission, Council
Busworld Belgium, Turkey, Shanghai, Russia
Nationally – Through Member Associations
What can you do?
• Support the political advocacy
• Use the free Smart Move logo on your:
– Website
– Letterhead
– Business cards
– Stationary
– Vehicles
– Leaflets
– Company brochures
How can you support Smart Move?
• Use the Smart Move logo and other promotional materials
• Share best practices
• Properly inform oneself and others of the benefits of
passenger transport by bus and coach
• Use and promote the use of buses and coaches
• Give priority to buses and coaches
• Fully integrate bus and coach services into collective public
transport networks and ensure fair fiscal treatment
• Provide funds for infrastructure improvements and better
• Boost public-private partnerships
Where can you find more?
• Website (in six languages):
•YouTube Channel:
Join us for the official launch in Russia
@ Busworld
Nizhny Novgorod
30 June – 2 July 2010

Making the Smart Move