Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling
Section (HTMSS)
Trafficking in Persons
15 October, 2012
UNODC assists States in their efforts to implement the
Trafficking in Persons Protocol.
United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized
Crime (UNTOC) adopted at Palermo in 2000 is the first
comprehensive and global legally binding instrument to fight
transnational organized crime. It includes:
- Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in
Persons, especially women and Children
- Protocol against the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Sea
and Air
Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling Section
• UNODC Global Programme against Human Trafficking
established in 1999
• New UNODC strategy adopted in March 2012
• HTMSS Section established in April 2012
• Project Portfolio: 3 Global Programmes focusing on TIP
(GLOT59, UN.GIFT and GLOT55)
Areas of work
• Normative Work
• Technical assistance (legislative, capacity building, etc.)
• Inter-Agency Cooperation
• Victim-protection and support
• Prevention and awareness raising
Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling Section
UNODC Thematic Programme :
Action against Transnational Organized Crime and Illicit
Trafficking, including Drug Trafficking
Sub-Programme 3: Trafficking in Persons
and Smuggling of Migrants
UNODC Comprehensive Strategy to Combat TIP and SOM
Close synergy with UNODC
regional and country
34 FO Focal Points
on TIP issues
Technical assistance and capacity building
The Global Training Initiative
• Provide foundation, international-standard
training in line with the requirements of the
TIP Protocol;
Fiji Video Clip (2min)
• Address key capacity gaps of national
criminal justice practitioners to address TIP;
• Provide promising practices in every phase
of the criminal justice response;
• Equip participants with practical guides and
tools for on-job application;
• Cooperation with national training institutes
to ensure sustainability;
Tools and Publications
• International Framework for Action to Implement
the TIP Protocol / SOM Protocol
• Model Law against TIP / Model Law against
• A Handbook for Parliamentarians
• Anti-Human Trafficking Manual for Criminal
Justice Practitioners
• Human Trafficking Case Law Database
Tools and Publications
• Toolkit to Combat Trafficking in Persons
• Needs Assessment Toolkit on the Criminal
Justice Response to Human Trafficking
• First Aid Kit for Use by Law Enforcement
First Responders in Addressing Human
• Victim Translation Assistance (VITA)
Training Materials
Training Manual on Investigating and Prosecuting
the TIP / SOM
Anti-Human Trafficking Manual for Criminal Justice
An overview of all materials can be found online at:
UNODC Human Trafficking Case Law Database
Launched in October 2011
Over 730 case briefs from 80 jurisdictions and 3 international courts;
Covers nationalities of victims, perpetrators, trafficking routes, verdicts, and other
relevant information related to prosecuted cases from around the world;
Approximately 4,200 visits per month;
Two Expert Group Meetings contributed to its development
Extensive network of partners
• To increase the number of prosecutions and convictions for human trafficking;
• To promote the uniform interpretation and application of the Protocol;
• To facilitate consultation on practices in different jurisdictions;
• To help broaden the knowledge of human trafficking crimes and the realities faced
by ordinary people victimized by those who would buy, sell and exploit them.
ICAT – Inter-Agency Coordination Group against TIP
• Mandated to improve coordination
and cooperation between UN agencies
and other international organizations;
• A platform for exchange of information
and good practices on anti-trafficking activities;
Two issue papers will be launched at a COP side event (16 Oct):
– The International Legal Framework around Trafficking: Critical Intersection
and Complementary between Different Legal Regimes.
– Preventing Trafficking in Persons by addressing Demand
Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT)
• General Assembly Resolution, Article 38 of the Global
Plan of Action to combat trafficking in Persons
• Launch in November 2010
• Small Grants Facility, 2011
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