Toronto Central CCAC:
Connecting you with Care
What are Community Care Access Centres
 Community-based, non-profit, organizations governed by a community
Board of Directors
 Funded by the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN)
 Legislated by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
 14 CCACs across Ontario, aligned with the geography of LHINs
 Each CCAC receives base budget annually (non-profit/ no deficit/
surplus carryover)
Toronto Central CCAC
In the community…
In homes & neighbourhoods…
A first point of contact
to connect people to a
broad range of
community and social
support services
In the hospitals…
care coordinators
supporting clients in
their choices about
how they live in their
…we are partners in care
Working onsite in 26
hospitals and
emergency rooms to
help people make
the transition home
or to long-term care
Toronto Central CCAC
Dedicated, specialized
teams working
together with
community and health
partners across the
care continuum
What do CCAC’s do?
Core Business is Case Management
Coordinate In-home Services
Placement in long-term care homes
Information & Referral
In-Home Services may include
 Personal Support
 Nursing
 Social Work
 Nutritional Counselling
 Speech & Language Pathology
 Physiotherapy
 Occupational Therapy
 Medical supplies & Equipment
Placement Services
CCACs manage all applications for long-term care homes in Ontario
The Care Coordinator will:
 Explain options
 Counsel client & family on the process of entry into long-term care home
 Assist in making a choice to a long-term care home, respite care or
convalescent care (Short stay)
 Help with the application process
 Manage wait lists for long-term care placement
 Authorize admission to long-term care homes
 Requesting approval from long-term care home for admission
Information and Referral
We provide information about CCAC services and linkages to other community
health and social services:
Adult Day Programs
Affordable housing alternatives
Community Agencies – CNIB, CHS, Alzheimer’s Society
Community Health Centres
Friendly Visiting Programs
Funding sources
Tele-health Ontario
Used Equipment
Health Care Connect Program
Health Care Connect Program (HCC) was launched in February 2009 by the Ministry of
Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) as a deliverable in the “Family Health Care for
All Strategy”
Provincial Strategy – Program is run through Community Care Access Centres. Each Local
Health Integration Network (LHIN) has Care Connectors assigned to refer unattached
patients to Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners (as primary care providers)
A Voluntary-based Program. Participation is not a guarantee of access and patients are
encouraged to continue their own efforts to find a physician while waiting to be
Not necessarily CCAC clients, but people who live in the local LHIN
Patient Registration Eligibility Criteria:
• Not enrolled with a Primary Care Provider
• Valid Health Card Number
How Does it Work?
Unattached patients or their Substitute Decision Maker (SDM) can call
1-800-445-1822 to register for the program (Monday-Friday, 9 am-5pm)
over 120 languages available
Registration also available online 24hrs/day via Ministry’s secured site at available in English and French
Registrant's information is entered in a secured database.
Registrants answer a self-reported health information questionnaire
• Registrants on the database are then prioritized based on health care
• The Health Care Connect system intakes patient registration information
and prioritizes patients through a scoring methodology
CCAC Care Connector
14 CCACs each have at least 2 Care Connectors locally supporting the HCC
Program by referring unattached patients to accepting physicians/providers
• The local CCAC Care Connectors play a key role in linking patients to
Primary Health Care
They develop working relationships with primary care practitioners
Increase public awareness of the HCC Program
Link unattached patients to appropriate resources within the community,
• System Navigation
• Information & Referral
• CCAC Services

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