Globalization of Higher Education
Experience of
Free International University of Moldova ( ULIM)
The Republic of Moldova
Andrei GALBEN, Academician, Rector
Shenzhen, China
August 12, 2011
Factors of Globalization of Higher
• The process of globalization has changed the economic,
political and cultural world structures.
• Human capital is becoming increasingly important to
international competitiveness.
• Overcoming the effects of the global economic crisis.
• New knowledge and technologies and innovative model
of economic development.
Free International University of Moldova
• Created in 1992
• Private University
• 8500 students
• 420 faculties (academic staff)
• 53 programs for 3 cycles
Internationalization Model of
• 3500 foreign students in all
programs from 36 countries
• More than 800 graduates each
year from the CIS countries,
Europe, Asia, USA, Africa
• Has the international quality
certificate ISO 9001:2001,
• More than 70 agreements on
inter-university cooperation
Internationalization Model of
Membership in international organizations
in the field of Higher Education
– International Association of
Universities (IAU)
– European University Association
– Agence Universitaire de la
Francophonie (AUF)
– International Association of
University Presidents , (IAUP)
WEB Ranking of World University 4398
from 12000
The promoter of the Bologna Process
(Bergen, Norway May 25, 2005)
Signatory of Magna Charta
Universitatum, (Bologna, Italy, September
21, 2007)
Internationalization Model of
Foreign students and academic
staff, studies funding
– Preparatory courses with a
focus on the future specialty
– Training is conducted in four
languages ​(Romanian,
Russian, English, French)
– The study of 28 languages ​of
the world
– 30 foreign professors every
The problem - over regulation of
the state of the internationalization
Study of the Chinese Language
Confucius Institute
Language courses with
Chinese teachers
The new paradigm of internationalization of
higher education
Update the list of specialties
(nanotechnology, information
security, oil and gas engineering)
The modernization of the
university curriculum and studing
Joint degree
Geographical expansion of
international cooperation of ULIM
Agreements on cooperation with
the embassies of 58 countries and
with 70 foreign universities
Organization of International
Monthly performed 5-6
international events
ULIM experience of cooperation
with the embassies
Internationalization of doctoral
degree programs
• Peculiarities of doctoral degree programs in the Republic of Moldova
– 1 step to obtain a degree of Doctor of Science
– 2 step (postgraduates) to obtain a degree of Doctor Habilitat
• The members of Specialized Councils in different fields of sciences
are well-known scientists from foreign universities with which ULIM
have signed the cooperation agreements
• Doctoral thesis may be defended in one of four foreign languages
• Publication of research results in international scientific journals
• Editions of our university has been qualified with mark off scientific
Academic extension of ULIM
• A partnership agreement with oil companies from
Moldova and France for developing new programs in
engineering of oil and gas.
• The aim - enhancing cooperation with the universities of
Asian-Pacific region.
• Deepening the relationship with universities from China
and South Korea through the involvement of the best
Moldovan Universities integrated in a consortium.
• Creation of the Moldovan-Korean university in the
Republic of Moldova.
Internationalization strategy in the
ULIM’s vision
1. intensification of student and academic staff
mobility, modernization of University programs
2. development of common criteria and principles
for higher education (quality assurance, etc.)
3. promotion of public policies to promote the
internationalization of education, such as cofinancing projects, international programs, etc.
• ULIM is not a simple consumer of values, but a generator,
a creator and a producer of innovative forms and criteria in
international higher education.
• The internationalization model of ULIM shows that the
private institutions of higher education of a small country
like the Republic of Moldova can become equal partners at
global level in the process of internationalization and can
contribute to the enhancement of the effects of this
• The internationalization of the higher education system is
the result of the human creation, so necessary for the
present and the future of the world community.
• We cannot show countries and peoples with a bigger or
smaller influence within this process. All the countries and
peoples of the world must fructify their efforts in an equal
way in order to achieve a noble purpose – the
internationalization and the globalization.
• The example of ULIM confirms the idea of promoting a
new model of university management in terms of
internationalization, even if there is an economic deficit of
the democratic society.
• The internationalization and the globalization require the
adoption of a work program at institutional, national,
regional, continental and global levels.
• The global economic crisis, the demographic turbulences
in the world and media changes impose the community to
take immediate decisions.
In December 2011, ULIM
will organize an International Conference on the problems of
Bologna Process in Eastern and Southeast Europe.
We invite all the participants to this event
at Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova
Thank you !

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