Jane Leahy
AFTV Conference 2011
Its always about the kids.
 History of sporadic contact, awareness of others
 Some collaboration on past projects eg Bastille Day
,Petanque , Art Gallery PD, Multicultural Festivals,
Interloters PD, French Club, native speakers
 Marlene Dingle. LOTE Project Officer 2007 List
 Assistant Program 2004+ Common link, joint
applications, 7 schools, 8 successive years, Welcome
BBQ, reputation of care. ongoing bonds and visits.
Kate 2009
Loic 2010
Sarah 2008
Sarah 2008
Julie 2005
Laurette 2011
Monica 2004
Marie 2007
What works for us
 COMMUNICATION: email, email, regular email.
 Able to quickly and efficiently disperse information
through contact list
Casual, coffee, cafe, camaraderie, support, debrief,
common concerns Only 4 meetings.
Best practice
Social events: BBQ, soiree Assistante, Bastille Day, TAFE
Training French Dinner , Art Gallery, Noel,
Inclusive: All teachers Primary Secondary, all sectors
Sharing Tasks; varying skills-writing, organisational,
applications, musical, I.T, FB ,cultural, social, ideas
Why Network?
 Stronger identity and presence. Voice. Advocacy
 Support –only LOTE teacher in school.
 Resource sharing of ideas in a convivial environment
 Distance
 Students access quality opportunities-camp, film
 Challenges/issues/successes
 Encourage- applications, study, Endeavour Fellowship,
 Staffing
 Best Practice share
 PL- TPL, peer support
LM French Teachers @ Boardwalk
How Network
43 members on email list, average 12 attending
4 meetings only a year usually 1st week of Term
Agenda, minutes sent
Disperse info via email
Open forum, all contribute
Relaxed environment
 Can network with only 2,3 more ...teachers
Combined schools view LOTE
Theatre Fantastique @CCB Girton
Initiatives and Projects:
 LOTE Encouragement Awards at Speech Night
 Multi school “LOTE Fantastique” events 3 years
 Film Sortie Cinema Bendigo.
 Bastille Day/ Dinner at TAFE
 Crepe Makers
 Soiree Singalong
 PD
through Art Gallery. Marlene,
 Joint Year 10 Camp at Eppalock
 Languages Concert
 Student Film Festival
Encouragement Awards
Sortie Cinema
Bastille Day
Eppalock Year 10 Joint schools
French Camp
Celebration of Languages
Quality Performances
L’Amour est Bizarre
Les Batons Francais
Resource Sharing
 Assistant share
 Books, Kits, IT, IWB, DVD,CD, songs, personal
Resource files
Halls for theatre - Girton and CCB
Crepe Makers
Best practice
Info and directives
Tailored to our specific needs
Golden Age of Couture
The Impressionists
French Trail
Camera on the Somme
Sarah Pavy
 DEECD - varies
 AFTV subsidies, PD
 MLTAV-country subsidy for Annual conference
 Hospitality
 Student Awards
Using Media
 Promote French learning in Region
 Press Releases. Write own
 Email, phone
 Links with journalists possible.
 Send photos and text
 Newsletters
 WIN TV, Bendigo Advertiser,
 Bendigo Weekly, Miner
Celebrating Languages Concert
Capital Theatre
Bendigo Art Gallery PD
Bev, Sabine, Caroline, Pam, Barbara 2008
Local organisations
 Festivals
 Bendigo Art Gallery: PD, Education Officer, French
Collection, Trail
Cultural Development COGB
Continuing Education courses
Star Cinema Euro Films
TAFE Training
Building Links
*Regional Project Officer: information, funding,
insights, promoting LOTEs,
 Membership encouraged
 Could see benefits; teachers
Delphine: Country Liason, known, guided protocol
PD, funding, encouragement, support, letters
Guidelines; proforma, feedback, timelines
Phillippe, Frances, Emilie
Language Maintenance Courses
Sortie Cinema
Delphine, Sue, Dolly
Facing Challenges
 2010 Languages review in DEECD Bendigo schools.
“French Under Fire”
Quickly work together on action plan
Mobilise contacts
Use strengths/expertise of individuals eg Union, letter
writing, media, Politicians,Interloters
Sharing load, Facebook
Re-enforcements: AFTV,
 DEECD funding report Dec.
 AFTV Grants- Performances, PD, Film. Reports to
Awareness of current issues in
Languages Education.
 Project Officer
 Discussions at meetings
 Email article links
 Newspaper articles
 New Pedagogy
 Ning,
AFTV Funding- Dolly G Jane Mac
Dip Ed for ex Assistants collaboration. ACU Ballarat,
ongoing opportunities
Promotion of French in region – media use
IT Skype
“French language rocking in regional Victoria.”

French Teachers Network in Central Victoria