iPods to Enhance
Student Learning
Health Aide Program
Ivy Tech Community
Fort Wayne, IN
Who is today’s student?
Almost all of our students are non-traditional
in some way!
- Younger
- Older
- Returning
- Working adult/ Displaced workers
- Family responsibilities
- Wide range of technical and information
gathering skills
Who is today’s student?
 Entry Level: Reading, Writing, Math skills
Beginning College Student
Pre-Health Care Student (all areas)
Visual Learner
Displaced Workers
English and Other Languages
How can we teach all students with
different needs?
 Ivy ViLos
 Video Interactive Learning Objects
 Have specific objectives
 Are very short (5-15 minutes)
 Present video recordings of lessons or
 Have built-in quizzes and are interactive
 Are widely accessible to students 24/7
 Are viewed repeatedly
Visual Learners
 Need to see and hear about a skill
 Reading not especially useful
 Verbalization alone not effective
 Understand AFTER they see it
 How do you show them enough times to
make it stick?
How is this different than class?
 Viewed prior to class as preparation
 Not a substitute for class
 Viewed by students when they are studying
 Available on DVDs
 Available via iPod (and other MP4 players)
 Available 24/7 @ www.ivyvilos.com
 Used for self remediation rather than
instructor remediation
VILO and iPod Benefits
 Improve mastery of learning objectives
 Appeals to visual learners
 Enhance performance of skills during
 Accommodate diverse learning styles
 Serve needs of students with disabilities
 Available 24/7
Why iPods
 Portable
 Consistent in demonstration
 Available 24/7
 Self pacing
 Engages students in learning
 Increases motivation to learn
 Individualized
Cost ?
 Each iPod and all accessories cost approx.
 Relatively inexpensive
 Less time and money spent in review time with
 No assess to computer by students at home
How are the iPods acquired ?
 Carried by all clinical instructors to clinical
 Signed out by the department secretary to the
 May be checked out through campus library
 Must be turned in before State testing takes
iPod use out of class
Waiting for class
 YouTube links
 Pdfs
 iPod apps
Next ?
 iPhones and Smart phones
 Narrative flash drives
 iPads
 Portable: takes learning beyond the
boundaries of the classroom
Any time, anywhere opportunities for
teaching and learning
Easy access for students
Enables teachers to promote collaborative,
independent, and differentiated
learning, adapting to the needs of each
Inexpensive relative to laptop and desktop

iPods to Enhance Student Learning