January 6, 2013
Today’s Specific Prayer Requests for
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Jordan
1. That God will give me His vision for the future of
the BGCO.
2. That I will walk faithful in the ways of the Master.
3. That I will give consistent witness to the gospel of
Christ to those I meet.
4. That I will preach with Holy Spirit power.
January 13, 2013
Today’s Specific Prayer Requests for
KC and CC
For new believers that face prison and even death for
their faith in Jesus.
For a family of believers who have been on the run for
For M, a farmer who is a new believer.
For new house churches.
For safety.
For wisdom to know where and when to share Jesus.
January 20, 2013
Today’s Specific Prayer Requests for
Tim and Mary Gentry
For Tim and Mary to have safety and fresh hearts as they
travel Oklahoma working with pastors and lay leaders.
For the “Return to Me – A Call to Prayer,” January 27,
2013, solemn assembly at Southern Hills Baptist Church,
Oklahoma City.
For the State Evangelism Conference, January 28-29, 2013,
for pastors and lay people to renew their commitment to
personal evangelism.
For the “Serve Oklahoma 2013-2014” – Servant
Evangelism Emphasis – for the churches to mobilize
through Sunday School for seasons of service to the
January 27, 2013
Today’s Specific Prayer Requests for
Greg and Sandy Frizzell
1. That we will finish four key books within the 2013
calendar year.
2. That we will have God’s blessings and power on
the conferences and emphases we promote.
3. That the books would continue to rapidly expand
in many countries and languages.
4. That God will send true revival and spiritual
awakening in our day.

January 6, 2012 - Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma