Family Friendly Schools
Presented by Margaret Shandorf
Federal and State Programs
What does the research say?
• Family involvement helps student
• Trust and strong relationships build strong
family involvement
• Partnerships will look different at each
When school staff engage in caring and
trustful relationships with families, the
families are more apt to participate in their
children’s educational development.
Research noted from (Karen Mapp, 2002,
“A New Wave of Evidence”)
• Think of a time when you had a positive
interaction with someone at a school
center. What made the interaction
positive? What did it feel like?
Forming Family Friendly Schools
• Provide a safe physical environment that
is accessible and welcoming.
Beautiful campus
Handicap accessible
Clean interior and exterior of buildings
Office comfortable and inviting
Colorful signs posted in various languages
for welcome and directions to buildings
Forming Family Friendly Schools
• School Climate should be positive and inviting to
all parents
Visitors are welcomed in office
Translators are provided to have effective communication
Staff members attend parent events and engage with parents
Resource materials are provided in resource room in various
Written communication is provided to parents in a language they
School provides trainings to parents and translators are available for
translation of information
School pride is reflected in the school celebrating diversity
Parents are directed to department websites where materials such
as activities in literacy, math, science and FCAT are written in a
language the parent can understand
Forming Family Friendly Schools
• Parents and school have continuous two-way
 Parent-teacher conferences are held with
translators to provide translation
 Communication is sent home in a language the
parent understands
 Email and edline are means to communicate
immediately with parents
 Parents receive student progress in a timely
fashion in a language they understand
Forming Family Friendly Schools
• The school welcomes parents as decision makers,
advocates, and supporters of all children
School staff uses a variety of ways to recruit all parents
School events and activities are scheduled at flexible times
Parents are asked to volunteer at school and participate in school activities
Parents receive information and strategies to assist their child at home in a language
they understand
The school utilizes parent liaisons, and school support staff to help make connections
with families
Parents are part of the decision making process at their school in the areas of policy,
curriculum, budget, school reform, and safety
Parents are encouraged to take on leadership roles on school based and district
committees such as Parent Leadership Council and Title I District Advisory Council
The school welcomes community volunteers as mentors to promote student
How Do We Measure Up?
• Consider all the factors that you have seen
that help formulate a Family Friendly
How does your school measure up?
What can you do to help ensure success
in forming a Family Friendly School?
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