Your Voice!
Your Vote!
1. Election Issues directly affect youth.
Military/Education/Laws/Job Opportunities
2. The only way Democracy works is if its
citizens, young and old, are active
3. If you don't vote you really have no
right to complain about government
decisions you don‘t like.
4. You should vote because you CAN!
› Many individuals around the world do not have
the right to vote and are fighting for that right
even today.
What are the basic idea and
philosophy differences between of
the 2 major parties?
Less active
More active
What role does the government have
in its citizen’s lives?
Democrats: One of the two main US political parties which
follows a liberal program, tending to promote a strong
central government and expansive social programs.
Republicans: One of the two main US political parties
favoring a conservative stance, limited central government
and a strong national defense.
The Governor is part of the Executive Branch at the
State Level.
Signs or Vetos bills into law that were passed
through the State Legislature (Congress).
Can create and recommend legislation it to
Can pardon criminals.
Reports annually to the public in a State of the
State address.
Serves for 4 years and is able to run again for a 2nd
Active in local grassroots politics for more than
thirty years
› served as the Boulder County and State Party
› elected to United States Congress in 2003-2007
Published author, editor-in-chief of a national
public policy website
Spends most of his time on the buffalo
breeding ranch in northwest Colorado where
he works with his son, Jim, and wife of 43 years,
Running Mate: Jill Repella, a Douglas County
commissioner who has worked in commercial
architecture, aerospace and construction.
Fortified Denver's civic strength and
economic growth.
 Believes the best way to tackle big issues
and achieve a goal is to bring people
 Moved to Colorado in 1981 as an
exploration geologist in the oil and gas
industry before losing his job in an
economic downturn.
 Running Mate: Joseph Garcia, current
Lieutenant Governor, served as President of
Pikes Peak Community College and
Colorado State University Pueblo.
Managed a community bank and grew assets from
$4 million to over $400 million and created
opportunities for small businesses and employers
 Will remove unnecessary rules and regulations in order
to create a robust economy.
 Will support a self-sustaining system Medicaid and
Health Care Costs to keep costs down.
 Will focus on water issues in Western Colorado and
understands the importance of water. Is invested in
supporting all of Colorado, not just Denver.
Is not as willing to compromise on
different issues
Will not support the tighter regulations of
oil and gas to address concerns about
the environmental impacts near homes.
Stated he would send the National Guard
to the border for what he later said would
be a “Humanitarian Mission”.
Helped create the strongest air quality
regulations in the country.
 The state reopened all 250 miles of damaged
or destroyed highways by Dec 1, within just 10
weeks of the floods in CO.
 Since 2009, Colorado agricultural exports are
up more than 90 percent and have recently
passed $2 billion.
 Signed 4 consecutive bipartisan, balanced
Dropped CO from 7th to 19th regarding
economic freedom, and increased
regulations have sent jobs to Utah.
 Health care costs have increased for many
CO families.
 Rural counties do not feel supported or that
the economy is improving or else 11 counties
would not vote to leave Colorado.
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