IRP Update
2006 Annual
Business Meeting
Las Vegas, NV
Presented by:
Dave Saddler
Executive Director
IRP, Inc.
Today’s Presentation:
 IRP – Brief Program Overview
 IRP Organization
 Major Projects
 Strategic Initiatives
 Meetings & Important Dates
IRP – Program Overview
 Model of Good Govt./Cooperation
 A Model of Efficiency for
Jurisdictions and Industry Alike
 Economic Impact:
$2 Billion in Fees
Efficiency for Shipping &
IRP, Inc. Snapshot
 Official Repository of IRP
 Professional Staff
 Multiple Services for Members – Plan
Admin., Meetings, Info., etc
 Clearinghouse – Netting function,
EFT – great member program
 Subsidiary of AAMVA
IRP Major Projects - Rewrite
Rewrite Guiding Principle:
A registrant is a registrant: All vehicles
should be registered under the same rules –
unless there is a compelling reason or
conflicting regulation for a particular
industry segment that requires following
different rules.
IRP Major Projects - Rewrite
 Rewrite Purpose:
The Plan needs to better reflect modern
technology and business practices.
The language in the Plan needs to be clear.
The various Plan sections should be
coordinated and consistent.
The Plan should allow for full implementation
of NAFTA, including the eventual admission
of Mexico as an IRP member.
IRP Major Projects - Rewrite
Rewrite Concepts:
“If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”
Organize Plan into topic areas – it will be easier to
understand and administer
Determine which audit requirements belong in the Plan
and which belong in the Audit Procedures Manual
Remove obsolete language
Remove unofficial commentary that is not binding
Remove all unneeded requirements for registrants and/or
IRP Major Projects – Rewrite
Rewrite Benefits:
Future participation of Mexico as a member jurisdiction.
Provide clarity and uniformity in determining IRP
registration fees.
Specific guidance for fleet consolidation, addition of
vehicles, and splitting fees. This will ensure jurisdictions
realize appropriate revenue when fleets are changed or
moved from one jurisdiction to another.
Clear alternatives for establishing a base jurisdiction.
Adding “reasonableness” and jurisdiction accountability.
Rewrite Timeline
 IRP Strategic Plan – July 2003
 Plan Review Task Force Recommendations Submitted to Board – August 2004
 First Plan Rewrite Working Group Meeting – January 2005
 Concepts Discussed at IRP Managers/Supervisors Workshop – April 2005
 First Draft Presented/Discussed at IRP Annual Meeting – November 2005
 Second Plan Rewrite Working Group Meeting – February 2006
 Second Draft Presented at IRP Managers/Supervisors Workshop – April 2006
 Third Plan Rewrite Working Group Meeting – May 2006
 Rewrite Discussed at AAMVA Regional Conferences – Summer 2006
 Final Draft Presented at All-Jurisdiction Meeting – June 2006
Rewrite Submitted as Proposed Ballot to IRP, Inc. – July 2006
Proposed Ballot Presented at IRP Annual Meeting – September 2006
IRP Members Vote on Rewrite – Fall/Winter 2006
Projected Effective Date – July 1, 2008
IRP Major Projects – Dues Ballot
 Current ballot to change dues rate to
$6,000 flat rate plus escalating PU scale
 Board examined multiple options over 2
years – used member feedback
 Designed to meet future needs and
minimize impacts on members
 If passed, implemented for FY 2009
IRP Strategic Initiatives
 Outreach Efforts:
 Part of Strategic Plan to become a stakeholder in
motor carrier issues
 Federal agencies – created Board advisory seat for
 Law Enforcement – priority audience, recent
presentation with IFTA at CVSA
 Others include UCR, HVUT – working with
 Continue to work with and explore opportunities with
IRP Strategic Initiatives
 Focus on Education and Training:
 Help Ensure Compliance by
increasing education for members
and possibly industry
 Utilize multiple tools, including
existing ones such as meetings and
new opportunities for distance- and
web-based learning
IRP Strategic Initiatives
 Increased/Enhanced Communications:
 Looking to create more targeted
 Identifying priority audiences,
such as federal agencies and LE
 New and more interactive web site
– coming soon!
IRP and IFTA – Working Together
 Audit Workshop
 Joint Reviews – First Recently in MN
 Participate with IFTA on Border State Issues
 Information Exchange – Annual meeting
 Great Ideas – “IFTA does it this way” or “IRP
does it that way”
Important Dates: 2006 - 2007
November 3-7 ’06: IRP Annual Meeting,
Pittsburgh, PA
January ‘07: IRP/IFTA Audit Workshop,
Tempe, AZ
April ‘07: IRP Managers/Supervisors
Workshop, Quebec City, Quebec
Fall ’07: IRP Annual Meeting, TBD in
Region II
Thank You IFTA!
Dave Saddler
Phone: 703-908-5765

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