Five College Center for East
Asian Studies Study Tour 2009
Part 1 - South Korea
Mark Peterson – Our Korea
Head of the Korean Section of the
Asian & Near Eastern Languages
Department at Brigham Young
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The Academy of Korean
“The Academy of Korean Studies was
founded by the Korean Government on
30th June 1978 with the purpose of
establishing in-depth research on the
essence of Korean culture. To achieve
this aim, The Academy has devoted
itself to identifying and interpreting
traditional Korean culture, defining the
academic identity of Korean Studies,
and cultivating able scholars with global
perspectives and values that will be
indispensible in the 21st century.”
- President’s Message
Leeum Samsung Museum of
Art – Seoul, South Korea
Gyeongbokgung Palace –
Seoul, South Korea
Samsung Building in Seoul
Downtown Seoul –
Cheonggye Stream
N Seoul Tower
Haeinsa Temple
Cheongju, South Korea
Haeinsa Temple
Metal movable type was first invented in Korea during the
Goryeo Dynasty (around 1230).
Gyeongju – South Korea
Yangdong Traditional Folk Village
Gyeongju Sites
Bell of King Seongdeok (Left)
Silla King Tomb (Below)
Five College Center for East
Asian Studies Study Tour
Part 2 - Japan
Merry White “Corky” – Our Japan Scholar
Professor of Anthropology – Boston University
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Tokyo @ The Shiba Park Hotel
Tokyo – Group 1
Asakusa Temple (left)
Drum Museum (right)
Sumida River (below)
Tokyo – Group 2
Shinjuku (above)
Meiji Shrine (left)
Tokyo – Group 3
Yanaka (below)
Fukugawa (above)
Kiyosumi Gardens
Tokyo – Group 4
Imperial Palace (above)
Diet Building (above right)
Yasukuni Shrine (right)
Tokyo – Edo and National Museums
Kanegasaki Japan
Hiraizumi – Near Kanegasaki
Hiroshima International Youth
House (Aster Plaza)
Hiroshima – Peace Museum
Karaku Ryokan - Dinner
Kyoto - Nara
Toji Pagoda
Golden Temple,
Kyoto (above)
Nara Park (left)
Farewell Dinner – Ganko
Restaurant in Kyoto
The End
By Ted Mitchell

Korea - Japan Study Tour Overview