Experience the New
IEEE Xplore®
Digital Library
Delivering innovative research
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Coming in Q1 2010
The New IEEE Xplore Digital Library
After years of multifunctional team
research, IEEE is excited to introduce the
new IEEE Xplore digital library (Coming in
Q1 2010)
Successfully revising a website that is
visited millions of times per month requires
the collaboration between IEEE and
hundreds of:
Engineers & Scientists
Faculty members
IEEE members and volunteers
What’s New with IEEE Xplore
The new interface includes several
customer-requested enhancements:
– New easy-to-navigate design
– Innovative search engine with the ability to refine search
results by facets
– New personalization features—save your searches, set
saved search alerts and customize your preferences
– Institutional branding for customers including custom
– More browse options like browsing by subject or most
– Enhanced online help tools
What’s New with IEEE Xplore –
Home Page
Link to online
help area
If authenticated,
this will show
Search bar
on every
area with
What’s New with IEEE Xplore –
Search Capability
New search engine improves search
functionality and post-search refinement
Some of the new features include:
– Refining search results by facets
(author, content type, year, subject, etc.)
– Type-ahead/Auto-suggest feature
– Actionable breadcrumb trail
– Search suggestions /”Did you mean”
– Updated display options for results give users more
searching flexibility
What’s New with IEEE Xplore –
Search Capability (continued)
Refining search results by facets
Search results can be expanded
through the actionable
breadcrumb trail
9 facets to refine search
 Publisher
 Content type
 Author
 Subject
 Publication title
 Publication year
 Affiliation
 Conference country
 Conference location
What’s New with IEEE Xplore –
Search Results
Refine your
search by
Choose to see
quick abstract
or click on
abstract link for
full abstract
What’s New with IEEE Xplore –
The browse button will be prominently
featured throughout IEEE Xplore and
will lead the user to a “Browse All”
home page where you can:
Browse by Content
Browse by Title
Browse by Subject
Browse by Popular (top searches, most
What’s New with IEEE Xplore –
Browse Page
Browse by
What’s New with IEEE Xplore –
New personalization options are now
available to guests, members and users
at subscribing institutions.
Users can now choose to:
– Set preferences
– Save searches
– Set saved search alerts
 Users can create up to 15 saved searches and choose
to receive as email alerts or RSS feeds.
What’s New with IEEE Xplore –
Save Your Search
Click on save
this search.
What’s New with IEEE Xplore –
Save Your Search
Name your
query to save
the search. You
can also set an
What’s New with IEEE Xplore –
Manage Your Saved Searches
Your most
recent saved
search goes on
top. You can
save 15
searches. Here
you can edit,
delete or
remove the
RSS or email
What’s New with IEEE Xplore Journals TOC alerts
Set an alert for
a favorite
All current users will need to reset their existing ToC alerts in the
new IEEE Xplore. Alerts from the current IEEE Xplore will expire.
What’s New with IEEE Xplore –
Institutional Branding
Submit your logo
to promote your
Customers will
have the
opportunity to:
– Promote their organization
throughout the website
– Educate end users that the
content is made available
through their subscribing
– Include a prominent
organizational logo,
information about their
subscription and link for end
users to contact their
subscription administrator
What’s New with IEEE Xplore –
Enhanced Online Support
Enhanced online support area
– Available through guide pages, online help and
Xplore support
– Support files will be localized and available in several
languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin)
Getting started with the new
IEEE Xplore
Sign up for training on the new IEEE Xplore:
Encourage your users to sign up for a personal
account so they can access search alerts and
Sign up for new table of content alerts (your
current alerts will expire).
Submit your organizational logo:
Update your federated search tools to target the
new IEEE Xplore. Contact
onlinesupport@ieee.org for more information.
What’s New with IEEE Xplore
For more information about:
The new IEEE Xplore digital library and
all its smart, new features,
– Please visit www.ieee.org/newieeexplore
Custom training and tutorials are
available for the new IEEE Xplore.
– Please contact your IEEE Client Services Manager to
learn more: www.ieee.org/go/clientservices