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Earth from Space
Courtesy of NASA
A map maker’s challenge:
How to flatten the Earth?
Techniques of map projection
Dr. Bob Abramms
Making a flat map of the Earth…
is like peeling an orange
It can be done at random
or following a pattern
Three Types of Projections
Type 1: Cylinder
© ODT, Inc.
Three Types of Projections
Type 2: Plane
© ODT, Inc.
Three Types of Projections
Type 3: Cone
© ODT, Inc.
Four map projections
of the same face
© ODT, Inc.
Mercator’s original 1569 projection
Courtesy of the National Geographic Society.
Current political map
on Mercator projection
© Rand McNally
Gerardus Mercator
Peters Projection World Map
© Akademische Verlagsanstalt [In North America]
Dr. Arno Peters
© ODT, Inc.
Toronto-centered Map
© Leonard Guelke
Toronto-centered Map
with mileage
© Leonard Guelke
Leonard Guelke
Earth from Space
Courtesy of NASA.
NASA space flight footage
Courtesy of NASA.
Paul Hoffman
Founder of EarthSeals
Courtesy of NASA.
EarthSeals stickers
Courtesy of NASA.
Paul Hoffman
with EarthSeals stickers
Courtesy of NASA.
Buckminster Fuller’s
Dymaxion World Map
Buckminster Fuller
Round globe unfolding to
Dymaxion World Map
© Chris Rywalt
McArthur’s Universal
Corrective Map of the World
© Stuart McArthur, contact
Stuart McArthur, age 12
Stuart McArthur, age 15
(far right)
Exchange student in Japan
Stuart McArthur, age 21
Graduation Day
Arthur H. Robinson
© Arthur H. Robinson Map Library
"What's Up? South!"
World Map
© ODT, Inc.
GeoSphere Project
Tom Van Sant
Population Map
© ODT, Inc.
Hobo-Dyer, North on top
© ODT, Inc.
Hobo-Dyer, South on top
© ODT, Inc.
Hobo-Dyer, Carter Center Map
© ODT, Inc.
Terry Hardaker
Martin Luz
Pro-Tibet marchers rally
to protest
China’s occupation
of a sovereign nation
Dr. Bob Abramms & Ruth Abrams
Lesson Plans

Many ways to see the world