Stori Dewi Sant
Blwyddyn 2/Year 2
Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Allta
Activities that led to the creation
of the Powerpoint presentation.
• Research on the story of Saint David using books and internet children used a circle map to note new things learned.
• Diamond ranking - the important parts of the story. Discussion around
the important parts of the story to include in the presentation.
• Children created pictures to represent the story of Saint David.
• Pupils scanned their pictures into a Powerpoint presentation and
learned how to input text.
• The pupils prepared a Welsh version of the text to begin with and then
translated into English.
• Pupils visited other classes in order to communicate their work.
• Pupils evaluated their presentation offering ways forward.
Foundation Phase Curriculum
• Begin to write in a conventional way,
communicating by words, phrases and short
• Organise and present imaginative and factual
writing in different ways.
• Plan and review their writing, assembling and
developing their ideas using ICT and presenting
their writing clearly in order to communicate their
meaning effectively.
Skills across the Curriculum
• Thinking (Plan) - Gathering ideas and
• Thinking (Reflect) - Describe what has been
learnt/found out.
• Communication (Writing and Widercommunication skills) - Write and represent
information in a variety of ways.
• ICT - Presenting information in a range of text and
Key Competences
Key Competence
Communication in the
mother tongue
•The pupils have used sound grammar and vocabulary in order to re-create the story on
•The pupils are aware of a different type of writing - a legend of Welsh history.
•The pupils were able to develop their skills by researching and presenting information on
the story of Saint David.
•They produced a piece of writing in simple sentences showing full awareness of their
Communication in foreign
Mathematical literacy and
competence in science and
Digital competence
•They were able to translate the sentences from Welsh into English (their second
language) and began to use the appropriate vocabulary and grammar to do this.
•They communicated with the teacher in order to present it correctly for a wider
•The pupils developed a strong understanding on how to create a
Powerpoint presentation by scanning pictures and placing text into
a story.
•They were able to use a website in order to research information
about Saint David.
Key Competences
Key Competence
Learning to learn
Interpersonal, intercultural
and social competences and
civic competences
Cultural Expression
•The pupils were able to work as a group when collating
information about Saint David in order to decide who did what.
•They developed the self-motivation to complete the task to a high
standard, aware of the wide-ranging audience.
•The pupils developed a greater understanding of their own culture
by researching and creating the Powerpoint, and developed a
willingness to share their work with European friends.
•The pupils showed respect and patience for members of their
group and showed assertiveness when deciding on who would do
what task.
•The pupils prioritised their work by diamond ranking and decided
on the important information from the story to include in the
powerpoint presentation.
•The pupils gained a strong sense of cultural identity by learning
the history of their patron saint.
Dyma Dewi Sant. Dyn da oedd Dewi.
Here is Saint David. David was a good man.
Symudodd Dewi a’i ffrindiau i le o’r enw Tyddewi.
David and his friends moved to a place called Tyddewi.
Roedd Dewi yn darllen y beibl a gweddio ar Dduw bob dydd.
David read the bible and prayed to God every day.
Roedd Dewi yn gweithio’n galed. Roedd e’n tynnu’r arafr yn lle
yr ychen.
David worked hard. He pulled the plough instead of the ox.
Dyn drwg oedd Boia. Roedd e’n ceisio lladd Dewi ond roedd Duw
yn helpu Dewi.
Boia was a bad man. He wanted to kill David but God protected
Helpodd Dewi fachgen dall i weld eto. Rhoddodd y bachgen hances
ar y mynydd a pan safodd Dewi arno, cododd yr hances gyda Dewi
arno fel roedd pawb yn gallu gweld.
David helped a blind boy to see again. The boy placed a handkerchief
on the floor and when David stood on it the handkerchief raised him
in the air so that everybody could see him.
Nawddsant Cymru ydy Dewi Sant.
Saint David is the Patron Saint of Wales.