Program and Graduation Date
What you hope to gain from today?
Current state of job search
•Resume Writing
• Effective Interviewing
•Additional Resources
The purpose of the resume and cover letter is to get
you an interview.
When it comes to resumes, think “personal marketing
If you were given one minute of your prospective
employer’s time, what would you want to tell that
Highlighting your Attributes
• Your resume provides the first impression of your
skills and accomplishments.
• It should read like an executive summary highlighting
your relevant skills and accomplishments.
• Qualities of a Good Resume:
• Concise
• Well Written
• Quantifies Accomplishments
• Easy to read and understand
• Spell check
• Contact Information
• name, address, phone number, email address
• Education
• reverse chronological order, GPA included if above
• Experience
• reverse chronological order, describe duties and
achievements in quantifiable terms, action verbs
• Additional Information/Other Sections
• activities, languages, community service etc.
• Microsoft Word:
• Times New Roman, 10-12 point range
• Limit bold, italics, CAPITAL LETTERS and underling
to delineating organizations, titles etc.
• Balance use of blank space and text.
• Do not simply rely on spell-check, revise manually as
Trimming Techniques:
• Modify Margins
• Limit to one page (suggested)
• Standard Font type (11 point suggested)
• Neutral colored résumé paper
• Remove Articles (a, an, the)
• Be selective and reduce duplicative information
What to Avoid:
• Personal pronouns (I, you, we);
• Cluttered resumes;
• Listing references on the resume;
• Too much information (personal opinions and data);
• Using abbreviations, jargon and slang; and
• Incorrect verb tense
Practice of gathering contacts
• Meeting and talking to people about your interests
• Contacting people to find out more information
Building a database of people
• Developing a professional connection
• Connect you to internships and full-time opportunities
• Sharing of knowledge and resources
Seek out contacts
• Faculty
• Alumni
• SPPD Alumni LinkedIn Group
Join professional and SPPD organizations
Attend networking events
1. Set your goals
What do you have to offer?
What do you want to get?
2. Do your homework
3. Arrive on time and dress appropriately
4. Handshake
5. Introduce yourself
6. Prepare conversation starters
7. Act like a host
8. Keep it short
9. Business card exchange
10. Graceful exits
11. Follow up
12. Reciprocal relationship
Develop a system to maintain contacts
Use software programs
• ACT!
• Microsoft Access or Excel
• Microsoft Outlook
 Do some initial research
 Plan open ended questions
 Develop a short overview of yourself
 Be sure to confirm your appointment
 Dress appropriately
 Create rapport with your interviewer
 Allow interviewer to guide discussion
 Listen carefully to interview questions
 Be concise with your responses
 Respect the interviewer’s time
Sample Traditional
Interview Questions
An interview in which the interviewer …
• Focuses on skills and traits that are critical to
success on the job
• Focuses on how the candidate has demonstrated
these skills in the past
• Past behavior is the best indicator of future
A candidate is asked to describe …
• An Overview of the Situation
• Details of a Specific Situation or Event
• Outcome of a Situation
• Builds Relationships
• Communication
• Team Commitment
• Initiative
• Problem Solving
• Adaptability
• Client Service
• What did you do?
• What did you say?
• What was your role?
• What was going through your mind?
• Can you give me an example
•A Project, Event or Situation
•What Led to it
•What actions were taken
•What the actions led to
• Formulate answers to elicit examples of the skills,
abilities, and characteristics being evaluated
• Incorporate the elements of a complete response
• Be aware that the interviewer may probe for
additional information
 Summarize notes from the interview
 Send a thank you note
 Follow up (7-10 day rule of thumb)
 Keep in touch
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