Welcome to 5th Grade
Open House
Intermediate School
5th Grade
teams of six homeroom teachers
and a special education teacher:
Grade Guidance Counselor is Ms.
Heather Albanese
Schedule for Homeroom 413
 8:20-8:35
Homeroom / Morning Meeting
 8:35-9:44 Math
 9:48-10:53 Language Arts
 10:57-11:37 Expression/Lunch
 11:41-12:01 Language Arts
 12:05-12:46 Science on days 1,3,5; Social
Studies on days 2,4,6
 12:50-1:35 TWC
 1:39 – 2:40 Related Arts
The Write Course
school initiative that allows students
multiple opportunities to write everyday in
many genres.
students to participate in band,
support and “Stretch” classes without
missing curriculum content!
Group Activities
Activity Nights
Intramurals and Clubs
Learning Lab
is aligned with Common Core
State Standards
Everyday Mathematics
Emphasis on rigorous problem solving
Skill development through hands-on
Mastery of basic facts
A balanced curriculum that has an inquiry
based approach that is matched to the NJ
State Standards.
will work like real scientists,
using a notebook and following engineering
and science practices
approach includes discovery
learning and problem-solving
focus on oceanography, electricity and
magnetism, cells, genetics, microscopes,
and ecosystems
teachers maintain a website with
homework assignments posted daily
Email is the most effective form of
communication; email addresses on the
Communication Folders with graded
assignments will be sent home on Fridays.
Homework slips for missing assignments.

Welcome to Open House