Alexander’s Empire
Chapter 10.3
Phillip II of Macedonia
• Macedonia was a country north of Greece
Conquering Greece
Macedonia was an agricultural civilization
Became strong kingdom under King Phillip II
Conquering Greece
• Philip planned to unite the Greek citystates
• Trained to fight like the Greeks
• Greek city-states were weak from
Peloponnesian War
• By the time the Greeks tried to unite, it
was too late.
• Philip defeated the Greeks at Chaeronea
Alexander Takes Over
• Philip hoped to lead the
Greeks and Macedonians
to war against the Persian
• Before he could carry out
plan, Philip was killed
• His son Alexander
became king at age 20
War with Persia
War with Persia
Alexander had
40,000 soldiers
Strong cavalry
Defeated the
Alexander’ Empire
• After he conquered Persia, he did not
• March into India
• Soldiers refused to go further
• Alexander led them home
• He died in Babylon at 32 years old
Alexander’s Empire
Alexander’s Legacy
• Alexander the Great spread Greek
language, ideas, art, and architecture
throughout Southwest Asia and Egypt
Hellenistic Era
• The Hellenistic
Era refers to
when Greek
culture spread
to the nonGreek peoples
that Alexander
had conquered
• Hellenistic
means “like the
A Divided Empire
• Alexander’s Empire divided into 4
• Macedonia, Pergamum, Egypt, and
The Hellenistic Kings
• Hellenistic kings had to speak Greek
• Preferred to give jobs to Greeks and
• Created new cities and military posts
• Spread Greek Culture into Egypt and India
Alexandria, Egypt
• Largest city in
• 2 harbors
• Towering
• The library at
Alexandria had the
largest collection of
writings in ancient

Alexander’s Empire