Introduction to Literature
What have we learned
1. close analysis: form and content (from part to whole;
from notes to organized analysis)
2. text and contexts: literary genres (comedy of
manners, dramatic monologue; metaphysical poetry, sonnet,
medieval ballad, tragedy) & movements
3. themes: love seen from different perspectives;
the influences of class, human mortality, capitalism
and American Dream
4. activities: developing your learning methods thru’
A. teach and learn
B. discuss and learn
5. reading and writing an organized analysis of a
longer text – journal samples
6. final exam
Mid-Term: Part 1
1) sound effects
2) meanings of words –denotation and
3) meanings in context (the whole poem,
its historical context, and our context)
Mid-Term: Part 3
The themes of love, art and death
Do not make sweeping generalizations
about a historical period;
Do not easily equate a poem’s speaker
and its poet (Shakespeare, Donne)
Is love eternal? In what ways is art
“eternal”? Is Death a gentleman to you?
Teach and Learn
Different ways of learning to
understand and presenting/promoting
a poem and to get interested in doing
Multiple interpretations
Personal experience of the importance
of reading out loud, paraphrasing,
checking dictionary, doing research,
group discussion, etc.
Discuss and Learn
1. Learning to read a passage closely, then
expand its meanings and significance in the
text and to us.
2. Learning to learn from your classmates
(again) esp. through discussion and
negotiating differences.
Reading a Longer Text
Like reading your own life, you need to
 (1) experience it yourself, instead of
depending on plot summary,
SparkNotes or Chinese translation;
 (2) take notes and re-read the text with
the help of the notes (and study
guides). Sometimes an e-text can
Journal and Essay Exam
[Thesis Statement] + Logic
Sample 1: narrowing down the scope
Sample 2: giving a clear thesis paragraph
and logical transitions
Sample 3 & 4: logic –re-ordering your
Sample 4: making a main point about the
symbols/objects in the play
Final Exam
* Altogether you should answer 5 questions.
Close Analysis-- Choose 2 (24 %)
Essay Questions: 3 (75 %, 25 each)
1. An analysis of a poem (read this semester) in terms
of its theme, content and form, as well as its
historical context.
2. An analysis of one passage from the 5
passage of Frankenstein (to analyze its
language, context, main issues (from multiple
perspective), and its relevance to us).
3. A Essay on The Death of a Salesman--Find a Focus
and Write an Essay : you can re-phrase the
questions and give a title.
Enjoy learning and good luck!

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