Where is Argentina?
Argentina is
located in South
While Argentina is just larger than
¼ the size of the United States, it is
the 2nd largest country in South
Argentina is the 8th largest
country in the world!
Fun facts about Argentina
Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere. Its seasons are the
opposite of those in the United States. The school year is
also different.
Argentina has the highest mountain outside Asia, the
Aconcagua which is 22,841 feet (6.962mt).
Around 39 million people live in Argentina. 1/3 live in
Buenos Aires, the capital city, and its suburbs.
The currency is the Argentine peso. 3 pesos = $1
Some Argentine habits are:
- to have 4 meals every day (dinner late);
- to greet each other with a kiss;
- to talk with the hands;
- to wear uniforms to school (guardapolvo).
-to use bidet
Argentine food and drinks
• What type of food do
Argentines like?
• BEEF! Asado, churrasco, bife a
caballo, milanesa, empanadas.
• Italian food Pizza, pasta
• Fruits and vegetables as side
dishes and desserts.
People love having
milanesa con papas fritas
and italian style icecream for dessert.
Mate is a very popular drink
It’s an herbal infusion.
To prepare mate you need:
• A mate (the pot where
you put the yerba mate)
• A bombilla (the straw)
• Yerba (the dried and
crushed mate leaves)
• Hot water
But everybody’s
favorite is dulce
de leche
How do you
prepare it?
Warm up
some water
until it is
about to
boil, fill the
mate with
yerba and
place the
inside, pour a
little bit of
water in the
and drink it!!!
• You can drink mate any time
of the day. You can have it
with a snack (like cookies,
toast, or a sandwich)
• Mate is a perfect excuse for
people to get together, share
the drink, and enjoy each
other’s company. Everybody
drinks from the same
Let’s danceTango!
• Tango music started in Buenos Aires
many years ago.
• There are special steps to dance Tango.
Men and women embrace and dance
very near one another.
• The lyrics are written in a very peculiar
version of the Spanish language called
lunfardo, a special slang.
• The bandoneón is one of the most
important instruments in tango music.
• The songs often tell sad love stories.
The most popular sport in
Argentina is soccer, we call it
• The game was introduced in the 1860s by
British soldiers.
• Argentina’s national team won the
World Cup in 1978 and 1986.
• Maradona is one of Argentina’s idols.
• Boca and River are the two most
important teams.
Have you heard about Pato?
Buenos Aires
• The capital of the country is
a huge city with a lot of
different neighborhoods
There are also
many historical
buildings in
Buenos Aires
Patagonia: Argentina‘s South
Glaciar Perito Moreno: The Eighth
Wonder of the World
My hometown…
Leones (Province of Córdoba)
My town is…
• right in the middle
of the pampas
• full of gauchos
• the capital city of
the Wheat
National Party
Some more photos of Leones…
Thank you!
Come and visit ARGENTINA!

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