Rose Simkins
11th September 2008
Background to Stop Hate UK
Established since 1995
A registered charity, Company Limited by
Guarantee & Social Enterprise
Our Vision is: Raising awareness and understanding
of Discrimination and Hate Crime, encouraging
its reporting, and supporting the individuals and
communities it affects
The Impact of Hate Crime
• Individuals and families
Health and well being
Living in fear and prisoners in their own home
Self esteem
Loss of employment or studying opportunities
Additional pressures on families include:
– Child Development
– Tensions within the home and impact on relationships
The Impact of Hate Crime
• Neighbourhoods
– Lack of stability (short term occupancy)
• Properties boarded up
– Insecurity and fear (fear of all types of crime increases
in areas of high tension/hate crime)
– Hostility, segregation and polarisation
– Reputation and perception
– Real danger and disorder
– Creates no-go areas
The Impact of Hate Crime
- Lack of cohesion
- Increased misperception
- Increased fear
- Inter racial/faith
The Impact of Hate Crime
• Agencies/Services
Police and Criminal Justice System
Healthcare services
Housing and homelessness
Support agencies
Challenges for Victims
• Recognising that they are victims of Hate Crime
• Recognising that support is available
• Knowing how to access appropriate support
– Cultural and language barriers
• Trust and confidence in receiving support
• Getting heard – being listened to
• Knowing that their wishes for confidentiality will
be observed
• Knowing whether the response received from
agencies is appropriate and fulfilling their needs
What does Stop Hate UK do to
support victims?
• The Stop Hate Line - Hate incident reporting 24
hours a day, every day
– Response to Stephen Lawrence Recommendation 16
• Immediate telephone support and information for
victims and third-party reporters
– Someone to listen to their concerns and help them find
appropriate support
• Provides a direct alternative to reporting to the
• Provides an independent and confidentail service
What does Stop Hate UK do to
support victims?
• Face to face casework support
– Emotional support
– Practical Support
• Target hardening
Explore options and rights
Evidence building
Partnership working
Monitor, evaluate and challenge agencies’ performance
What does Stop Hate UK do to
support victims?
• Youth and Community Services
– Community development work
– Breaking down barriers
– Intensive work with young victims and
– Training and consultancy in schools
– Resource design
Outcomes of Stop Hate UK’s work
• Individuals supported
– Activity ceased – successful mediation
• ASBO, NISP, harassment warnings, ABC, etc
Increased housing priority
Perpetrator convicted
Disciplinary procedures in school/workplace
Wider support addresses other needs
• Increased cohesion and integration, resulting in fewer
serious incidents and increased opportunities for different
groups and communities to mix
How should things move forward for
• Raise the profile of Hate Crime reporting, justice,
and awareness of how serious an impact it can
• Provide easily accessible and trusted methods of
reporting Hate Crime
• Improve partnership working and accountability
• Ensure system is transparent, and that victims are
kept informed of outcomes
Other initiatives to reduce incidents
of Hate Crime
• More work with potential perpetrators
• Increased general awareness and feeling of
responsibility for the safety of our
• Increased understanding of tensions, and
capacity to respond to them
Added value of the Stop Hate Line
in reducing Hate Crime
• Partnership working to deal with Hate
• A recognisable brand that increases
awareness of the concept of Hate
• Network across UK sharing and
developing models of good practice
The Stop Hate Line:
What does Stop Hate UK deliver?
• Provide a 24 hour reporting service for all forms of Hate
• Provide promotional material templates currently in 26
community languages, Braille, large print, words into
pictures, audio.
• Template newsletter articles and press release
• Promotes Hate Crime Reporting across the UK
• Cover the helpline using trained operators
• Provides immediate support and signposting to callers
• Works with other agencies to find solutions
• Disseminate referrals to referral point in caller’s local area
• Local statistics and comparative information on
performance compared to other parts of the UK
Working in Partnership
• Stop Hate UK operates the line in
West Yorkshire, Hull, Oldham,
Wolverhampton, Merseyside,
Peterborough, the London Borough of
Barking and Dagenham, the London
Borough of Havering, and Derbyshire.

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