Field Test Update
As of
October 20, 2014
Major Milestones
•Write new ELP Standards
•Field Test Vendor Contract:
•Adopt ELP Standards
•Computerized assessments, all new •Cognitive Labs/ Platform Trial /
test items
Field Test design
Passage selection
Item writing
Review for content and bias
Revise some items
•Webinars on test administration
•Field Test
Invitation to participate
•Announced Oct. 2 through the KSDE listservs for
Assessment, ESOL, and Superintendents, and posted
on the ELP Assessment webpage at
• posted registration webpage, 10/6
Field Test “Expectations”
•Invitation to10 member states
•Minimum of 10% of ELLs (total goal - 20,000/grade)
•Represent entire range of ELL population
• All languages
• All ages
• All proficiency levels – newcomers to former ELLs and all level
in between
• Rural / urban / large / small
Field Test Registration
 October 6- ?? LEAs sign up each building
contact information
‘n’ count for each grade level
determine if sample specifications have been met
 Oct. 28 – Nov. 7 SEAs recruit additional schools/districts
November 10-14
Nov. – Dec.
January 2015
Participants confirmed
Training Webinars/ Technical check
LEAs upload Pre-ID files
Registrations steps
Location (State, district, school) If not listed, type in
Contact information (Primary-district assessment
coordinator, secondary- technical)
Select which will participate in (Platform & System Trial
OR Field Test)
Student counts (n counts per grade level); % of which
Technology audit (choose all types that apply)
Receive email confirmation
Platform and System Trial
Field Test
•Small scale technical trial
•Large scale
•Limited participation
•Open to all districts
•Test administrators, staff, students
•ELLs, Former ELLs, Non-ELLs
•Administrative & test delivery
•All new items
•Window: Jan. 6-14
•Window: Feb. 2 – March 31
•Each state must test all ELLs using one/same
summative test. In Kansas, 2015 only, using KELPA-P
•Field Test does not exempt any student from the
•Field Test participation does not provide any
reportable results
Field Test Window
 Grades 9-12: February 2 – March 31, 2015
 Grades K-8: February 16 – March 31, 2015
Why participate?
•ELLs gain experience with online testing
• including K & 1st **(paper booklet)
•Each test item needs to be ‘used’ by 2000 kids
•2685 new test items, some written by KS teachers
•Shift to new standards, new test, new focus on
•Quality depends on good Field Test
Whose test is this?
Kansans on ELPA21 teams and
Executive Board – 1
Consortium Council – 1
Sustainability Committee - 1
Assessment Design Team – 1
Performance Standards Setting – 2
Item Development & Review - 30
Question: Are we able to select
which schools participate?
•What suits you best!!
•Select what works - school, class, teachers
•One grade, or more
•Whole class, ELLs and everyone else, or…
•Notice – K and 1st are not administered one-on-one
(may only need help getting started)
Question: How long are tests?
•Depends on grade level
•Similar to previous KELPAs (except K & 1st)
• Kindergarten and first grade students are shortest; designed
for max of one hour for the field test
•Highest grade bands designed for max of two hours.
•Times can be split across multiple sessions and do not include
time for starting the assessment and general instructions.
•More specific guidance in late October
Question:Will each test have 4
•Listening, speaking, reading, writing items
•Not necessarily all for each student, on field test
Question: Headsets?
•Estimate number needed conservatively, share
•Create set for a lab/classroom of laptops (wipe with
sanitizers and store in zip-lock bags to transfer)
•Begin to build capacity for state ELA test, and next
year’s ELPA21
Question:Teacher training?
•December webinars
•Test Administration Manual
•Accommodations and Accessibility Manual
•Workstation readiness manual (secure browser)
Other Questions?
Watch webpage for updates
Ask now, or contact me later –
Phyllis Farrar,, 785-296-1891

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