Richard Herring
Operations Director
The Good Old Days!
Young industry
Technology first, business second
Full of start-ups and young entrepreneurs
Recruit in own image - “People Like Us!”
Typical profile early 20’s to early 30’s
Over 35 and ……….
Matured industry
Business first, technology second
More “corporate” culture with mature
Formalised recruitment
Typical profile mid to late 20’s to mid to
late 30’s
Over 40 and ……….
Hiring today:
• Technical skills
Knowledge & Experience
• Business awareness
Knowledge & Experience
• Team fit
• Extra something
Knowledge & Experience
& Personality
Culture Fit:
“The customs, institutions and
achievements of a particular group of
Living and evolving
Like minded people with common goals
Organisational culture and sub-cultures
Culture fit = “People Like Us”
Maturing industry = maturing culture
The Cost of Recruiting:
Hiring fees
Interviewer’s lost productivity
Increased workload on others - lost
Induction and training costs
High staff turnover = very high costs to the
Older workforce = lower staff turnover
Underlying Trends
IT industry is maturing
More business focused
Recruitment processes are more
structured and thorough
Typical age range has shifted
Culture fit still critical
Temporary Effects
Focus on cost
–reduced headcount
–projects on hold
Fewer jobs
More demanding job specifications
Young versus old?
Attractive Applicants
Develop first class communication skills
Develop relationships with agencies - be
Detail your personality in your CV
Make your CV easy and enjoyable to read It is your marketing document
Make yourself marketable
Detail your strongest attributes, giving
examples of how you applied them
Show your determination by detailing how
you have kept up to date with technology
Ensure that your technical experience can be
assessed easily, showing ability and
length of usage
Example 1
“In this particular role I used my user liaison
skills to their fullest, to ensure that the
development team obtain a comprehensive
understanding of the business need”
Example 2
“I have maintained a strong understanding of
up to date internet development languages
and tools such as J2EE; ASP; .NET;
VIGNETTE. I have studied each of these
languages from home and have developed
applications, to cement and stretch my
Example 3
Skill Name
MS Windows
95,98,NT,2000, XP
(Desktop and Server)
MS SQL Server 7.0
Skill Level
Last Used
1 year ago
2 years
4 years
2 years
Lotus Notes
Norton Ghost
Home Use
6 Months
How do you facilitate a match ?
To find your perfect match is hard work
Abundance of vacancies OR of applicants
creates a huge problem
Be prepared for a lot of “leg work”
You or your company, must become KNOWN
Agency or Direct Route ?
The direct route can be a stab in the dark
An agency should do a lot of the leg work for
An agency should have a greater pool to fish in
Agencies normally have strengths in either
certain markets or certain types of client
You must identify suitable agencies
Identifying suitable agencies
Large agencies are sometimes the only route to
large companies
Smaller agencies often specialise in specific
technical areas
Study the internet job boards
Locate and question suitable individual agents
Select up to a dozen agents to work with
Building relationships with agents
Work hard to build relationships with agents
who specialise in people or companies like
Remind agents that they will make money from
you. Are you a marketable commodity?
Respect peoples time, ask to meet them if there
could be mutual benefit
Read & discuss job specifications
It’s a people business. Ensure that you get to
know people
Work hard. The more you put in, the greater the
chance of success
Take a very professional approach to recruitment
Develop relationships with agencies
Things are getting better!
Richard Herring
Operations Director