• Have you ever wondered about the
toys and games you play with today?
• How old are they?
• Where did they come from?
• Where are they played today?
• How many people play them?
This time line shows some toys and when they were first made.
• In the past 10 years many more toys
have been made.
• Each time a new children’s film comes
out, lots of toys are made.
• Toy Story
• Harry Potter
• Monsters Inc.
• Let’s look at some toys and games
that you might play with today.
• The yo-yo is one of the oldest known toys.
• Stone yo-yos more than three thousand years old have
been found in Greece
• Yo-yos may also have been used in ancient China.
• In the 1700s, the yo-yo or jou-jou, as it was called, was
used to entertain French royal children.
• This doll is called Florrie. She is about 130 years old.
• She is beautifully made with a porcelain head and arms
and a leather body, which has moveable, jointed legs.
• She has cotton petticoats, a lace shawl, a green velvet
dress and bonnet and leather shoes.
• These are just like the clothes that would have been
worn by the wealthy little girl who owned her.
• This is Florrie in her
wooden pram which is
black, cream and red
with a folding hood.
• It was exactly the same
as a real baby’s pram of
the time.
• We’ve all had wax crayons.
• They were first made about 100
years ago.
• The first crayons were probably
made of charcoal and oil.
• Later, wax was used making the
coloured sticks neater and easier
to handle.
• The first Crayola crayons came in
a box of eight.
• The eight colours were black,
blue, brown, green, orange, red,
violet, and yellow.
• Today, one hundred and twenty
colours are made.
• In 1930 Scrabble was invented.
• Players have to draw seven lettered tiles
from a bag and then make words.
• It was first called Lexiko
• 100 million sets have been sold worldwide.
• In 1935 the game of Monopoly was invented.
• People thought it was too complicated and would take
too long to play
• But 100 million games have been sold, making it one of
the best-selling games in the world.
• It is sold in more than eighty countries and has been
translated into twenty-six languages, including Braille.
• Barbie was first shown at a toy fair in New York in
February 1959.
• She was named after the inventors’ daughter,
Barbie. Ken is the name of their son.
• A lot of people thought that it wouldn’t be popular.
• But who would have guessed that almost 50 years
later Barbie would still be one of the most
successful toys on the market.
• Each week, over 1.5 million dolls are sold —that's
two dolls per second.