Combine native English expertise and Estonian
Cover forms 3-12
Based on current pedagogical trends
Co-work of Estonian, British and Finnish experts
Fully localised to suit an Estonian learner and
Enable differentiation and individualisation
Focus on the specific difficulties of speakers of
Estonian in learning English
Follow the principles of the Common European
Framework for Languages and the European
Language Portfolio
Main principles
 Differentiation and individualisation:
◦ 2 workbooks
◦ texts with different levels of difficulty
◦ tasks for more advanced learners
◦ supportive material for weaker students
 English speaking countries, Europe and Estonia
 Thorough teacher’s guides
 Up-to-date illustrations and photos
 Interactive multimedia solutions
 Support both the learner and the teacher
A cheerful textbook-colouring book about a
bear family
Creates a positive attitude in a child
towards learning English
Optional material
For forms 1-2
Also for kindergarten or children’s language
A lovely bear family invites the child to its
home and school, to birthdays and skiing, to
the forest and by the sea!
The colouring book enables the learner
 to use his/her imagination
 to develop hand movement and
Wow! world is a rewarding experience for
both the teacher and the learner!
 Colourful and imaginative
 From a dreamland to Great Britain and
other English speaking countries
Wow! 3
The main character Chris wanders a fantasy
land on Ice-cream Island
 He makes many new friends there, e.g.
Plum, Lime, Chocolate and Mr Cool
 English is learnt in the company of
imaginative characters in playful
situations, full of songs, rhymes and
Teacher’s Guide and CD
Student’s CD-ROM & CD
Additional material
Student’s CD and
CD with listening material
for individual work
 all texts from the study
 all words (listen and
CD-ROM with playful
interactive material for
individual work
 vocabulary exercises
 pronunciation
 grammar exercises
 crosswords
o A complete outline of how to
organise and manage each lesson
o Each chapter of the textbook is
presented in the teacher’s guide in
a smaller size which thus helps the
teacher to organise her work
o A play “The Three Billy Goats”,
many games, fun activities,
crosswords and other exciting
o Transcripts, lyrics
o Convenient A4 format
Collection of tests
◦ a variety of tests making use of pictures, listening
material and self-assessment
Keys to both workbooks
Already published:
Wow! 3. Ice-cream Island
Wow! 4. The Dream Team
Coming soon:
In 2010
Wow! 5. The Famous Four
In 2011
Wow! 6. Top Secret