Information for Parents and Students
Counselor Contact Information
 Lori Lovelace – 10th Grade Counselor
(256) 768-2260
 Glenda Page – 11th Grade Counselor
(256) 768-2216
 Caroline Jones – 12th Grade Counselor
(256) 768-2218
 Tamala Jones – Guidance Clerk
(256) 768-2215
Counselor Duties
10th Grade
Credit Recovery/ Apex
11th Grade
Building Testing Coordinator
12th Grade
Scholarship Coordinator
Website Maintenance
Dual Enrollment Coordinator
AHSGE Coordinator
ASVAB Coordinator
PSAT Coordinator
College Reps.
Senior Awards
Crisis Intervention (School Liaison
ACT/SAT Coordinator
Financial Aid Coordinator
Support Programs (RESCUE,
Alternative School, Homebound, 12
for Life)
AP Coordinator
College and Career Readiness
and Military Liaison
504 Plans for 10th grade
504 Plans for 11th grade
504 Plans for 12th grade
Junior Parent Night
Senior Parent Night
Sophomore Orientation
 Keep up with important FHS news all year long by:
 Visiting
 Creating a parent account
 Your parent code is located on your student’s Edmodo home
 Make sure your student has joined the FHS
 Finding the folders with information on the right-hand side
of the page
Students must be linked to a group in order for parents to see
that information. If a parent cannot see FHS
Announcements, please tell your student to ask for help in the
Guidance Office.
Important Dates:
FHS Guidance Website
Graduation Requirements / Diploma Types
Getting Ready for College Checklist
Dates for important tests such as ACT/SAT
How to Register for the ACT / link to website
NCAA / Athletic Eligibility Requirements
How to Register for Dual Enrollment / link to UNA Class Schedule
How to File for Financial Aid (FAFSA)
Overview of our Special Programs
List of Skills Needed for students to take an ACCESS course
FHS Extracurricular Information
Useful College/Career Websites
 Go to and click Guidance Counselor to take you to link to enter
 Please Be Sure To Visit !
Graduation Requirements for
Class of 2016
English = 4 credits
Math = 4 credits
Science = 4 credits
Social Studies = 4 credits
PE = 1 credit
Health = 1/2 credit
Fine Arts = 1/2 credit
Computer Literacy = 1/2 credit
Foreign Language = 2 credits (Adv. Dip.)
Graduation Requirements for
Class of 2017 and 2018
 English 9, 10, 11, 12 or higher
 Algebra I , Geometry ,
Alg II , plus one additional math
 Biology , A Phy Sci, and two
additional sciences either Life or
 WH/G, Am His To 1877, Am His >
1877, Govt/Econ or higher
 1 credit of PE or equiv, ½ credit
Health or equiv, 1 credit career
preparedness, 3 credits in CT, FL, or
Fine Arts - plus 2.5 credits addit.
Electives (refer to handout)
(see following slides for details for specifics on
Diploma Distinctions
 Two credits in PreAP
 Three credits in PreAP Courses
 Seven AP Courses
 Alg I, Geometry, Alg II/Trig, one
Three Adv Placement
Two credits in a single For.
Alg I, Geometry, Alg II/Trig,
one addtl 1.0 credit Math
Biology, Chemistry, two addtl
1.0 credit Science courses
Other requirements of the
basic diploma
addtl 1.0 credit Math course
 4.0 Credits in For. Lang. (at least
two years in a single For. Lang.)
 Biology, Chemistry, two addtl 1.0
credit Science courses
 Other requirements of the basic
Diploma Distinctions
 Three credits in a given area
 Four yrs of participation in a
of Career Tech OR one credit
in a given area of CT and two
credits in sequence
 Successful completion of the
credentialing assessment
 Other requirements for the
basic diploma
single sport
 4.0 credits in Athletic PE
(Note: Wt cond may be
substituted with approval of
the AD)
 1.0 credit in any of the
following courses; Psy/Soc,
For. Lang., Sports Med, Food
& Nut, Anat & Phy, or Sports
 Other requirements for the
basic diploma
Diploma Distinctions
 Algebra II may be earned by successful completion of
Algebra II, Algebra II with Trig, or a postsecondary
equivalent course
 A waiver for 1 credit PE may be achieved by earning
one credit in Band, Dance, Show Choir, or Athletics
 Successful completion of the one-semester course in
Family Wellness or the two-semester course in
Foundations of Health Science may satisfy the Health
 A student who chooses courses in CTE, the Fine Arts
and/or Foreign Language is encouraged (not required)
to complete two courses in sequence.
New Grading Policy
 Florence City Schools has a comprehensive grading policy for all
NO MORE EXAMS - Benchmark in each of four core
areas and in foreign languages at end of each nine
All courses will utilize a 10% assessment each nine
weeks (performance-based, portfolio, benchmark for
course, etc.)
 60% tests
 30% daily work
 10% benchmark test
Tracking Grades
 Progress Reports are issued at the mid-point of
each grading period.
 Report Cards are issued at the end of each grading
period(nine weeks).
 Use INOW Parental Portal to track attendance,
grades, discipline via the internet. Your login and
password from last year still work. If you don’t have
this info, please see Mrs. McClure in the main office.
 Keep in touch with teacher(s) via email and
Senior Graduation Requirements
 Transfer Students - Always double-check to be sure that
your transcript reflects enough credits to qualify for
graduating at FHS!
 You are not considered a SENIOR until you have earned at
least 17 credits.
 You must successfully complete the AHSGE portions
needed for your diploma type.
NCAA Athletic Eligibility
Class of 2014 Needs:
4 – English credits
3 – Math credits (above Alg. I)
2 – Natural/Physical Science credits
1 – extra English/Math/Science credit
2 – Social Science credits
4 – extra core credits (can include all mentioned above plus
religion and philosophy courses)
Total = 16 Core Credits
Be sure to also register with the NCAA Eligibility Center website!!
ACT Testing Information
 Reminders:
 Registering for a test date takes about 45minutes online.
 Some colleges require the writing portion. Check the school’s website
to be sure
 Fee waivers can be used twice a year for students that qualify.
 The website is:
 Most colleges state that the last ACT test date they will accept for
scholarships is THE OCTOBER TESTING DATE. However, some will
continue to update your file. It NEVER hurts to call an admissions office
and ask!
Guidance Office Procedures
 If your contact information changes at any point, PLEASE let Mrs. Tamala Jones
know so that it can be updated.
 GPA and Class Rank
 Your counselor will provide you with this info
 Will not change again until end of a course (year long course ends in May)
 Will not be given over the phone
 Only handed directly to that student
 Transcript Request Forms
 In Guidance Office stand for Mrs. Jones
 First copy = free
 additional copies = $5 each
 Electronic requests are only used if the scholarship/school specifically requests one.
Guidance Office Procedures
 Deadlines
 Scholarship deadlines are listed in Edmodo
and will be updated often.
 Please try to have all information
submitted to the Guidance Office AT LEAST
one week in advance to ensure there is
time to properly submit documents.
 Homework Requests
 Student must be absent for two or more
 Let us know by 10:00am if possible so that
we can gather work by 2:45pm
Guidance Office Procedures
 Dual Enrollment Procedures :
 Come to guidance and pick up a Dual Enrollment and Early
Scholars application packet located on the left wall when
entering the guidance office.
FHS’s deadlines for submitting paperwork are:
Nov. 1 – Spring Semester
April 1 – Summer and Fall Semesters
 Note: If a student does not get into the class for which he/she
registered, Ms. Lovelace will work with the student to look at
feasible alternatives.
Terms to Know:
Transcript— student cumulative record
GPA— average of student’s semester grades (cumulative/standard/numerical)
Class Rank— based on GPA, determines where a student stands academically in his/her
ACT/SAT Score— College entrance exams; required by 4 year colleges/universities.
Recommendation Letters— required for some college/university admissions
process/scholarships/summer programs
Resume— includes extracurricular activities/volunteer work/community service and etc.
Essays— required for some college admissions/scholarships and etc.
Interview— sometimes required for admissions and scholarships.
Resume Information
 We need a resume on file for each senior in the
guidance office so that we can send it with transcripts
and scholarship reports. Please bring one to Mrs.
 As you update your resume, you will need to bring us
an updated copy.
 I have sample student resumes posted in Edmodo.
Please look at these examples for ideas about format
AP Art History (on-line)
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Stats
AP Eng Language / AP Eng Lit
AP French / AP Spanish
AP Government
AP Latin(Poetry)
AP Microeconomics
AP Music Theory
AP US History
AP Physics I & II / AP Physics C
Computer Science 155 and 255 DualHigh School Equivalent is
Programming AP
 FHS is a A+ College Ready
Cohort School for 2014-15
 A+ College Ready works to
expand AP course offerings in
the key subject areas of math,
science and English and
increase the number of students
receiving qualifying scores on
these Advanced Placement
 Grant provides student
supports, teacher supports,
program management and
stipends and awards for
students and teachers.
 Students must have a minimum of an 80 cumulative grade point
average to take a Florence HS Virtual course.
Students who are self-motivated with an aptitude for reading realize
high degrees of success in the virtual program.
Students must have adequate time outside the regular school day for
work on virtual classes in order to be successful. Students with Virtual
courses may also choose to have a designated period to be scheduled in
the ACCESS lab to work on their Virtual courses.
Students are required to meet deadlines, just like in regular face-to-face
classes. Turning assignments in on time is the key to success!
All Tests MUST be completed in the ACCESS Lab.
All students enrolled in Virtual Courses will attend a meeting at FHS to
orient them to taking a virtual course and courses will begin sometime
next week.
 Online classes taught by other teachers throughout the
state of Alabama.
Must be a self motivated learner with good reading skills.
A period in the school day is required to take an ACCESS
course (or time on dual enrollment off days)
You can only enroll in ACCESS courses at the beginning of
Contact Mrs. Lovelace about courses available through
 Visit for details……
 Prescribed curriculum to begin in Grade 9 through
Grade 12 with selected fine arts majors in three
broad areas:
 Performing Arts (Ex: Dance, Theatre)
 Visual Arts (Ex: Painting, Fashion Design)
 Digital Arts (Ex: Production and Engineering)
Entry into the program By Application Only
Contact Mr. Jerry Foster, FAFA Director, with
Online Courses (VCI and Web-Based) available to our students to take for reasons such as scheduling conflicts, to
make up a missed credit, or to take a course that FHS does offer. Please visit our Guidance website by clicking on
Special Programs in the left side bar to learn about the skills needed for students to be successful taking an
ACCESS course.
A computer based credit recovery program to allow our students the opportunity to gain mastery of content and
skills in order to regain lost credit in a required course needed to graduate. Enrollment into our Apex program is
based on Grade Counselor recommendations.
 Homebound
Our Homebound program is for students who require a flexible academic schedule to complete their high school
course requirements. Entry to the program requires a Doctor's Recommendation. Homebound Request Forms with
information on how to be considered for this program can be picked up from Ms. Foote, our guidance assistant, in
the FHS Guidance Department.
Our RESCUE program is an alternative placement for students to work on course requirements for earning a high
school diploma. Entry to this program is based on Counselor and Administrator Referrals. The program is housed at
Florence HS from 3:30 pm to 8 pm on Monday through Thursday evenings.
 12 4 LIFE
This innovative program provides selected students with an opportunity to work part of the day in a manufacturing
setting and to attend school part of the day. Students who are interested in applying for 12 4 Life may pick up an
application in our Guidance Department. Completed applications can be turned in to the student's Grade
Summer School usually begins around the 5th of June
and ends sometime in the last week of July (Six weeks
with a sem break around the 4th of July )
ACCESS curriculum will be used for credit advancement
in summer school. Specific information about courses
your child can take during summer school will be
included with the summer school applications.
Either ACCESS or APEX curriculum will be used for
credit recovery in summer school
Tuition Fee = $200
 English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign
Language give benchmark exams each nine-weeks
which counts as 10% of each nine-weeks grade.
 All other areas have types of targeted benchmarks
which will represent 10% of the grade also.
 End of Course Tests will be administered in
Algebra I and English10 in 2014-2015.
College Entrance Prep TESTS
The PLAN is a preliminary ACT test
intended for students to take in Grade
10 to provide a baseline of a student’s
strengths and weaknesses and receive a
prediction of how a student would
score on the ACT prior to taking the
actual ACT.
The PSAT is a Preliminary SAT. It is
not only intended as a practice for the
SAT, but when taken in the junior year,
it is the qualifying test for being
considered as a National Merit Finalist.
On Wednesday, October 15, 2014 the
test will be given at FHS to all Grade 10
and Grade 11 students who register for
the test.
Students may register through Mrs.
Jones #2 or Mrs. Page in the Guidance
Office during lunch or before or after
school. Cost is $20.
On Tuesday, October 21, 2014 the plan
will be given at FHS to ALL students in
Grade 10 at no cost.
For more specific questions regarding
the PLAN, please contact Glenda Page,
our Grade 11 Counselor & FHS Building
Test Coordinator.
College Entrance Tests
 Go to to
register, send, and check scores,
 Beginning in Grade 11, up to two fee
waivers are available for students
who receive free/reduced lunch. See
Ms. Foote in Guidance for fee
 Knowledge-Based Test
 Same format as the PLAN. On
Tuesday, October 21 2014, the PLAN
will be given at FHS to all students
in Grade 10.
 Visit our FHS Guidance website to
view the PowerPoint I use when
talking to the student titled “About
The ACT” and/or pick up a hard copy
of ACT test dates and instructions
on where to go to register in the FHS
Guidance lobby.
 Go to
to register, send, and check
 Beginning in Grade 11, up to
two fee waivers are available
for students who receive
free/reduced lunch. See Mrs.
Foote for fee waivers.
 Reasoning-Based Test
 Same format as the PSAT
(hint: if your child does very
well on PSAT he/she would
most likely score well on SAT)
Guidelines for Requesting
Recommendation Letters
 Always provide at least two weeks, whenever possible, before expecting a
recommendation letter to be sent.
 Provide teacher with a resume or brief description of your background and,
if applicable, provide information about the particular scholarship or
program for reference
 Provide a stamped envelope with college address on it and a post-it note
with due date
 Be selective when choosing who to ask; be specific when requesting
 POLITELY check back with them before the deadline to make sure the letter was
 Always thank whomever is writing a letter on your behalf and follow up with
them about the outcome.
Who should recommend me?
 The following should be used for college
 Teachers from core subjects – should be your primary
 Teachers in other subjects – should only be primary if
scholarship applies to that skill
 A coach or sponsor
 An outside adult – ex: youth pastor, employer, etc
 A student or alumnus of the college who knows you well
College Applications
Selecting colleges and applying for admission is
exciting! Be sure to meet all deadlines and
follow directions so that you don’t get frazzled!
Which applications should I complete?
How many do I complete?
 Important aspects to consider when selecting a school… think
 Public vs. Private?
 Location and size?
 Academic standards vs. your own academic achievement?
 Cost to attend?
 Extracurricular activities of those enrolled vs. your own interests?
 Scholarship and financial aid opportunities?
How do colleges decide?
 Academic record and school recommendation
 Test Scores (ACT, SAT, etc.)
 Activities
 Personal factors (special skills such as athletics or
drama, unique financial need, etc.)
 Essays
 Interviews
 Teacher recommendations
College Visits
 Remember to ask important questions!
 Examples:
How large are classes for freshmen?
What are your strongest departments?
How do my credentials compare to those of the
current freshmen?
Are freshmen required to live on campus?
What are the academic requirements for my
College Application Reminders:
 WATCH FOR DEADLINES! Bring the application to
guidance at least ONE WEEK BEFORE it is due.
 Reply promptly to every school that offers you admission.
 In May you will be given a form that you will return to
Guidance with the name of the college that should receive
your final transcript.
 Reply to every scholarship you are offered, whether you
will be accepting it or not. Don’t assume Admissions will
do this for you.
Types of Scholarships
 Academic-based – grades, test scores, transcript is
most important
 Merit-based – Leadership and community service,
extra-curricular activities, honors, etc. are most
 Need-based – Financial need as seen on tax
information and household income are most
Finding Scholarships
 Research scholarships offered by colleges by
checking school websites
 Review FHS Scholarship Information on Edmodo
 Use a search engine on the Internet or an app on
the iPad
( /
Free Application for Federal Student Aid
 Here are a few reminders about FAFSA:
The application needed for students who will enter college in
Fall 2014 will not open until January 1, 2014.
You will need your 2013 tax returns to complete this form.
This is a FREE application. Be sure you are on
You will need to complete the FAFSA every January.
Once you complete the FAFSA, you are still NOT FINISHED
with this process.
I AM HERE TO HELP YOU! Call me and I will talk you
through it or find someone who can answer your questions!
FAFSA Parent Night – Feb. 6, 2014, at 6:00pm
Selective Service Registration
 All young men in the United States are required to
register with Selective Service within 30 days of
turning 18.
 Registration is federal law. It is required to stay eligible
for many federal and state benefits, including student
financial aid. Failure to register is a felony.
Scholarship Essay Tips
 Be organized
 Demonstrate originality and creativity
 Be specific
 Develop a theme
 Turn in a professional-looking essay
It never hurts to ask someone to proofread an essay, but
please allow AT LEAST 24 HOURS before you need it back
to make corrections.
Essay Prompt Examples
Directions will typically read:
Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue.
Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading,
studies, experience, or observations.
Possible Topics:
Are people likely to succeed by repeating actions that worked for them in the past?
Are people more likely to achieve their goals by being flexible or by refusing to
Should people respect and tolerate everyone's opinions, or should people take a
stand against opinions they consider to be wrong?
Admissions Interview Process
 Be prepared for the following types of interview
 The on-campus/group interview: This is purely to inform the
visiting prospective student and is not used for evaluation
 The on-campus/personal interview: This is a direct, one-on-one
interview. Whether or not it is announced as part of the
admissions evaluation process, you MUST treat it as if it is.
 The off-campus interview: This interview is conducted by an
alumnus and is customarily used for evaluation or for
information sharing. You should ask the alumnus how his
education prepared him for his job.
GREAT Interview Etiquette
 Be honest
 Listen, take time to reflect
 Be energetic and enthusiastic
 Make eye contact
 Give a firm handshake
 Use the name of your interviewer
 Arrive early
 Bring a resume
 Dress comfortably and neatly
 Leave cell phone in the car
POOR Interview Etiquette
 Lie or exaggerate
 Be negative
 Yawn, slouch, or stretch
 Be monosyllabic
 Chew gum, hair, or nails
 Interrupt your interviewer
 Be disinterested
 Criticize your teachers, school, or friends
 Bring an elaborate portfolio, resume, or display
 Take a cell phone into the room
Parents, is this what you hear at home?
Students, please don’t be afraid to ask me to clarify
something if you do not understand!
It is okay to take notes!

Senior Parent/Student Information Night