Mercury Storage and Disposal LAC Two Countries
( Argentina & Uruguay) Project
June, 28th y 29th
LATU, Montevideo, Uruguay
Presentation structure
Completed projects in the country
On-going projects
Future projects
Strategic lines for mercury management in
Completed Projects
Títle: “Campaña Regional para la Minimización de las Fuentes Domésticas
de Mercurio con acciones de Intervención en la comunidad para la
protección de la salud del niño y la mujer Argentina”
Period: 2009-2010
Financing: SAICM QSPTF
Coord./Adm.: AAMMA (Asociación Argentina de Médicos por el Medio
Ambiente), argentinian doctors for the environment
Description: national as well as regional workshops for information
sharing, get key actors involved. Multi-disciplinary work and vision.
Countries involved: Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia y Peru
status: finished
Completed Projects
Title: “ Mercury storage project for LAC region
Period: 2009-2010
Financing: UNEP, Norway Government
Coord./Adm.: UNEP Chemicals DTIE, EXECOM/ BCCC for LAC region
Description: workshop for LAC region on the 22nd and 23rd of april
2009.Launch of Feasibility study of mercury storage in the LAC region
Countries involved: LAC countries
Satus: finished
Completed Projects
Title: “Guidance on Best Industrial Practice in Chloralkali sector”
Period: April 4th to 8th , 2011
Financing: PNUMA
Coord./Adm.: DINAMA/ BCCC for LAC region
Description: overall goal, assess of management at the chloralkali facility as
well as disseminating Guidance on Best Industrial Practice in Chloralkali
sector. The experts of PNUMA asnd WCC visited the facility and a national
workshop held on April 7th
Status: pending final revised report by WCC expert.
Ongoing projects
Title: “Minimization and environmentally sound management of mercury containing
waste affecting most exposed populations in various economic sectors, including the
health sector in several countries in LAC in the context of the implementation of the
Basel Convention”
Period: 2010-2011
Financing: Norway y US-EPA
Coord./Adm.: Basel Convention Secretariat/ BCCC LAC
Descripción: Uruguay scope: mecury waste from industry and university hospital.
During the project, a waste inventory was made as well as the basic requirements for
a sound management of mercury waste plan, bearing in mind waste minimization
wherever feasible
Países participantes: Argentina, Costa Rica & Uruguay
Situación actual: ending
Ongoing projects
Title: “ Rational Managment of mercury products”
Period: 2010-2012
Financing: SAICM, QSP TF, USD 250000
Coord./Adm.: UNIDO/ DINAMA
Descripción: national project that addresses the problem of mercury products
in the country, with special emphasis on mercury lamps. As a result, it is
expected to have a Life Cycle Analysis for mercury lamps, a National
Management Fluorescent Lamps Plan, a Guidance of Good Practices for the
management of fluorescent lamps.
Status: ongoing until August, 2012
Futuros Proyectos
Título: amalgam substitution in Uruguay
Financiamiento: posible financing by UNEP
Possible actors involved: WHO-PAHO, NGOs(Health without Harm),
Academy, among others
Título: Pilot project for testing UNEP Guidance on the Development of
Legal and Institutional Infrastructures and Measures for Recovering Costs
of National Administration (LIRA-Guidance)
Financing: UNEP
Status: draft MOU, probably starting in September
Líneas estratégicas sobre mercurio
to identified
Cuantification of
Environmental Sound
Management in Uruguay:
- Methodologies
- Storage
- Sound Management of
waste Plan
- Sound Mangement of
products Plan
Thanks for your attention!
Judith Torres
Departament of Hazardous Substances

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