ScoringSystem, Inc.
the art of SSI sales
Scoring System, Inc.
We have over 45 years of combined experience in:
The development and operation of sports related entities.
Database and Internet Management
The streamline of agricultural production.
Government and Law
Wine production both in the US and in Europe
Food Supply Chains and Food Retail Sales.
Sales Approach
 Make a connection (Speak in their terms, language)
 Build credibility (Know what you’re talking about)
 Ask questions about their needs (Where would they like to see
themselves 1, 2, 3 years from now).
 Make them feel very important (he, they are the best)
 Presentation – Show Internet examples
 Don’t leave without making some type of close (small or major sale)
 Crucial question: What can I do to get your business?
Go into the sale as if it were
your only opportunity…
What is your goal when you meet?
If you can’t achieve your goal, have a back-up plan or plan B?
Never leave without at least one close
When you have a close, follow it through with questions that
help him show you how to get his business…..
Time and Date of future meeting.
Offer to use a member of his team as an example.
Offer to help with statistical information.
Offer to go through actual statistical procedures in a real
game scenario.
Sales Kit
Digital Camera,
Portable Lab Top if applicable,
Numerous pens,
Sign-up Forms,
Sales Manual,
Business cards,
Dress Code (white shirt and tie,
white polo shirt with logo,
Ladies formal dress or slacks),
Measuring tape,
Stop watch,
Sales material.
Completed survey report (read
before entry)
 Know as much about the
team, its players, its coach,
technical director, president
etc as you can (ranking in
tournament, games won,
adversaries, future games,
star players, recent or future
trades, purchases etc.)
 Who has visited them before.
Be prepared to speak to them
on price, levels, what they get
with their purchase.
Prepare for the Sale
Business Cards
Send business letter
Call for Appointment.
Meet on date and time specified.
Sales piece (demo on his team or from other teams, players, scouts)
Brochures, flyers
Check financial situation of club.
Business souvenirs, small gifts
 Proper address, telephone Nº and directions
Survey Report
Customer, Team Name, Location, address, phone
Division (be specific)
Duration of playing Season
Nº of team members, players, staff
Market value of player, team, scout info
Next appointment time, date, ask for referrals
Tools to Respond to Your Value
 We need to always speak of our system (package) as something that will add
value to them as a player, a team or a scout. Never refer to the plan as a costs
to them. What value does it represent to him the fact of being seen worldwide? How much time,
man hours, will they save by having all this information on line in real time? How much money can
they save in recruiting and scouting costs? Will global exposure as a player or team produce any
impact on market value for them and how much? What is the value for them of having all this
statistical information on a player, a team, an adversary a finger tip away? Doesn’t all this add
value to them?
 Quality. We are offering a state of the art system. We offer the most secure, rapid, economical
and efficient data bank system in the world. We are a global company and we will operate in more
than 210 counties. I’m a local player, team, scout and don’t need global exposure.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be contacted by foreign players, clubs, scouts. Take
advantage of your local players, local team Data Bank.
 Uncontrollable. Ok, so you as a player or your team is just fine as it is and doing very well. In
order for you to be in this business you must have a competitive spirit, don’t you? Is there no room
for improvement? If you stay still others will overcome you. You must always be one step ahead of
your opponents, maintain the competitive edge.
Recent Historical Events
 In the late 1980’s the fall of the Berlin wall and the communist
 In the 90’s the emergence of new economies specially in eastern
Europe and Asia gave way to a global economy.
 Many trade barriers were eliminated between countries.
 Globalization brought new trade agreements and the opening of
boarders between countries to commerce and trade.
 The unification of currencies in Europe.
 Trade partners like G-3, Mercosur, Nafta, Andean Pact opened up
trade amongst nations.
 Free trade zone agreement between Chile and the US.
 The events of 9/11 and the threats to destabilize the free world as
we know it today.
 The war on Terrorism
Sales – Crimes you must avoid!
Talking to people who can only say no.
Meeting decision maker without preparation.
Not using question based selling.
Allowing your client to control the situation.
Not realizing an objection as an opportunity.
No small close
Lies - even overstatements
Not consulting
The Thirst for Accurate Information
 In the late 1990’s Scoring System, Inc. is founded and quickly
emerges and develops into a leader in Data Banking and Information
 Scoring System, Inc is a Databank. Much like your money is safely
deposited in a bank, your information is secured in our Databank.
 Scoring System, Inc. is a privately owned and operated company.
 All information is stored online in a secure 128 bit encryption
 There is no software to download, no programs to learn, no discs to
 Our system has the capability of processing 45 mm quires per second.
 Our clients may access their information 24 hours a day, 7 days a
A Look at Opportunity
 The Global Economy becomes less restricted and many of the trade
tariffs and subsidies are slowly eliminated.
 There is a urgent need for uniformity in record keeping. Everyone is
speaking the same language when it comes to trade (quality plus
verification of that quality and its origin).
 Information on a commodity needs to be processed and stored for
immediate access if required.
 The consumer not only wants to know that what he is purchasing is
of good quality, but also wants to be able to trace it back to its origin.
 Consumers are more conscious now of what they are eating and if a
produce is labeled organic they want proof if it being organic.
 Government laws are being enacted by congress and government
agencies (C.O.O.L Country of Origin Labeling Program & Bioterrorism Act), requiring strict record keeping, prior notice of
shipments and trace back capabilities.
A Look at Opportunity - continue
 With the increase in globalization comes an increase in
competitiveness (ex.Chile becomes the largest exporter of
 Having a product of excellent quality will not guarantee its sale
anymore. Information becomes a priority and how it is
processed through the marketing streamline becomes essential.
 Being an excellent player in a sport doesn’t guarantee success,
confirmation of excellence through classification and
qualification become essential.
 Proper records may open the doors for him.
The Need for Information in Sports
 The world of sports is becoming more competitive every day.
 The need for accurate information in real time is critical.
 A wrong call or decision from upper management without the proper
analysis may be costly.
 The public and fans are becoming increasingly more demanding for
information and stats.
 The game of soccer has become a game of strategy
 The game has become much more competitive.
 Soccer players have become international stars playing in leagues
other than those of their native countries.
 Teams and players from different regions, countries, continents have
become better. The playing field has been leveled.
 The competitive edge some countries had in the past decades has
gradually been reduced.
 Coaches and trainers have become more dependant on information
and stats.
 There is a less of a gap between the traditional power houses and
the so called underdog teams.
The Bioterrorism Act of 2002
FDA would require that prior notice be given to FDA before food is
imported or offered for import into the United States.
 This new legislation provides the FDA with new authority for
protecting the nation’s food supply against terrorist acts and
other public health threats.
 Through this Act FDA will be able to target inspections more
effectively and to help ensure the safety of imported food
products before they enter domestic commerce.
 FDA most be notified by noon of the calendar day before before
the day the imported food will arrive at the U.S. border crossing
or at a port of entry.
 Prior notice should be submitted electronically through an
Internet based system.
 Approximately 20,000 prior notices concerning imported food
will be submitted daily.
 The Bioterrorism Act requires that FDA receive prior notice
beginning December 12, 2003
Information Required for
Imported Food
 Submitter name and firm information
 U.S. Custom System entry number.
 The location for any imported food products held at the port of
 The identification of the article of food, FDA product code,
market name, brand name, the quantity, lot Nº
 ID of the manufacturer
 ID of the grower
 Originating country
 Shipper ID
 Country from which product was shipped
 Anticipated arrival information, time, date, location
 U.S. Customs entry process information
 ID of importer, owner, consignee
 ID of Carrier
USDA’s Country of Origin
Labeling Program (C.O.O.L.)
 Statement: The C.O.O.L. program requires that all producers of
covered commodities entering the food stream provide detailed
records regarding the production, treatment and movement of
their product for up to two years after the final sale.
 Compliance will be mandatory for all commodities sold at retail
beginning September 30, 2004
 Then Law states that “any person engaged in the business of
supplying a covered commodity to a retailer shall provide
information to the retailer indicating the country of origin of the
covered commodity”.
These Recent Developments Triggered:
 The need for creating a unified record keeping, data collection,
data processing and databank storage system.
 The need for providing a product at the retail level with it’s
corresponding processing information in “Real Time”.
 The need for secure, rapid and efficient transferability of
 The need for a system that will process and store information
 The capability to “Traceback” a product to its origin.
 The need for a “Global Data Bank” that has the capacity to
process store and transfer billions of pieces of information at any
given time in a global economy, thus ScoringSystem, Inc. is
Economic Cost of not being able to
Trace-back the Origin of a Commodity
 Three months following the finding of one cow with BSE in
Canada has cost the Canadian Cattle business USD $ 714
 Culled animals were being sold at 60 to 80 Canadian cents per
pound, now they are getting 10 cents per pound.
Recent Developments that could have
been avoided if a “Traceback” System
 In 1986 Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE also known
as “Mad Cow Disease” outbreak in Europe caused the lives of
over 800,000 cows in Germany alone
 May, 2003 BSE is discovered in an 8 year old cow in Alberta,
Canada. US, Asia and Europe prohibit the import of Canadian
 July, 2003 Hoof and Mouth Disease out break is discovered on
the boarder of Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil.
 August, 2003, Outbreak of Hoof and Mouth Disease is detected
on the boarders of Peru and Ecuador
Our Concept…
 New Generation of Technologies
 We never over state we under estimate and surprise them with
great results.
 We never lie.
 We don’t need to beg, we have a high value product.
 We move to their side of the table.
Sales Call
Enjoy what you do and love the people you interact with on a daily basis
Call ahead of time, confirm appointment
Be early
Make yourself attractive
Never try to oversell yourself (always act poised and in control).
Never leave without filling a summary statement
Never leave without even a small close
We are a Service Organization
 We make everything we do appear professional.
 Keep subscriptions, paper work simple.
 Respond immediately to complaints
No Excuses
Respond in force
Meet face to face – if possible
Close on a complete plan
 Planning
 Knowledge
 Confidence
 Presentation
 Success

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